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Energy Efficiency Council

The Energy Efficiency Council is the peak body for energy efficiency and cogeneration services and products, focusing on the non-residential sector. Energy efficiency and cogeneration delivers major economic benefits to companies and is the largest, most cost-effective and technologically mature source of emission abatement. Realising this potential requires high-tech products and specialists to identify and implement energy efficiency upgrades.

The Energy Efficiency Council was formed in 2009 to give a voice to the energy efficiency and cogeneration industry and bring providers and clients together to develop products that meet client needs, growing the market for energy efficiency services.

Energy efficiency and cogeneration services and products

Energy efficiency and cogeneration means using less energy to deliver more services. Reducing energy waste means that organisations can direct their funding to more productive uses. In the current economic environment saving on energy not only improves an organisation’s productivity, it also allows it to retain staff and build resilience to increasing energy prices.

Energy efficiency and cogeneration deliver economy-wide benefits, improving energy security, reducing the need to expand energy infrastructure and, critically, lowering the cost of greenhouse abatement. The International Energy Agency estimates that energy efficiency will deliver by far the largest and cheapest form of abatement

  • McKinsey estimate that abatement in the building sector would save $130 per tonne of CO2-e
  • The Centre for International Economics estimate that tapping into the building sector’s potential for energy efficiency could save $38 billion per annum by 2050.

Experience shows that unlocking the potential of energy efficiency and cogeneration requires specialists that know how to deliver energy efficiency and cogeneration while strengthening clients’ core activities. Energy efficiency and cogeneration services include:

  • Identifying energy efficiency opportunities at specific buildings and facilities
  • Industrial energy efficiency engineering services
  • Upgrading commercial buildings through specialist architecture services and installation of control systems, meters, lighting, insulation, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, energy recovery and tri-generation systems
  • Energy Performance Contracts
  • Developing and manufacturing products such as such as motors, lighting, chillers, tri-generation, energy meters, building management systems and software.

Council Activities

The Council aims to build the market for energy efficiency and cogeneration products and services, ensure that energy efficiency is implemented with excellence and accountability and establish energy efficiency as the pre-eminent measure for carbon mitigation to 2020. To achieve this, the Council carries out the following activities:

  • Bringing together energy efficiency and cogeneration providers’ and clients’ expertise to inform the development of robust and cost-effective energy efficiency policies and programs in Australia. Council members have extensive experience in the commercial and technical realities of energy efficiency.

  • Working with providers and clients to improve the quality, delivery and uptake of energy efficiency services and products. This includes training programs, accreditation and standards for contacts and services that meet the needs of providers and clients.

  • Building the awareness and uptake of energy efficiency services.

The Council was formed in 2009, and incorporates the members and activities of the Australasian Energy Performance Contracting Alliance (AEPCA). The Energy Efficiency Council has a broader focus than AEPCA, promoting the full range of energy efficiency and cogeneration services and products in the non-residential sector.


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