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Training & Events

Upcoming Industry Events

The Energy Efficiency Council creates and supports a range of events designed to bring industry leaders, efficiency experts, policy makers and energy users together to share best practice and learn about the latest trends and technologies.

The calendar below lists a range of EEC and industry events across Australia (EEC events in bold).

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Past Events

August 2017

17th Energy in Western Australia Conference, Perth 23 - 24 August

The Energy in WA Conference is the State’s premier energy event, offering excellent speaker programs and value for money since 1996.

The 2017 theme is The new energy cycle: Opportunity, Innovation & Change. Speakers will assess the state of play on a range of energy matters, such as fuels, technology, market and legislative developments, supply and security, emissions, and consumer trends while looking to the future.

The Finkel Report and Australia's Energy Future, Melbourne 17 August

12.00pm - 2.00pm

RACV Club, Bourke Street,. Melbourne 3000

With Finkel Review panellist Chloe Munro and Danny Price (Founder & MD, Frontier Economics), Ivan Slavich (CEO, Energy Action) and moderator, David Blowers (Energy Fellow, Grattan Institute)

Australia has long found competitive advantage in the abundance of energy available to its industry and domestic population, however the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy has led to challenges as scale, distribution and network reliability have not met the changing requirements.

Following the recent Finkel Review, Australia is setting a course to better facilitate the change, develop and execute it more effectively. This includes the need to balance the competing needs to keep costs low and meet reducing carbon footprints while delivering certainty in supply and importantly for investors as they look to build new capacity in the market.

June 2017

sparc-FMA International Lighting & Facilities Event, Sydney 30 May - 1 June

sparc-FMA is a joint initiative of Lighting Council Australia and the Facility Management Association of Australia. The event will feature an exhibition showcasing the latest in lighting and facility management innovation from Australia and globally. For the first time, Australian and international facilities and lighting manufacturers, suppliers and service providers will be showing the latest developments under one roof.

Virtual Power Plants - Solving the energy crisis from your house, Melbourne 19 June

This event will provide insights into how the transition to renewables is being implemented by one of the country’s largest retailers and generators, to outline details of this key renewable project in South Australia, and to explore how software is the key to unlocking DER value across the whole energy ecosystem.

Australian Energy Week, Melbourne 20 - 23 June

Across 4 days of in-depth learning sessions, tailored content streams, a dedicated Policy Forum and high level keynotes and panel discussions, Australian Energy Week 2017 will provide unparalleled insights into the future direction of the energy market.

Australian Energy Week are pleased to offer a 10% discount to EEC members – use discount code ASSN when booking.

July 2017

E-Power & Lighting, Melbourne 7 - 8 July

ECOCITY World Summit, Melbourne 12 - 14 July

In July 2017 Melbourne will host the ECOCITY World Summit. Our focus will be Changing Cities: Resilience and Transformations, highlighting the need to deploy expert knowledge – academic, professional, civic – to make cities resilient in the face of rapid change. Melbourne has been lauded as the world’s most liveable city, but is not immune to the challenges facing all cities. The ECOCITY World Summit 2017 will harness the expertise and develop the networks needed to create a world of ecocities.

EEC Members are eligible to receive a 10% discount. Simply click here to register and take advantage of this exclusive offer.

April 2017

Leadership in Sustainability Summit: Positioning Sustainability as an Innovation Driver, Melbourne 4 & Auckland 7 April

April 2016

NABERS & CBD conference 2016, 17 April, Sydney

May 2016

Building the Business Case for Energy Efficiency Projects, 18 and 25 May, Parramatta

Energy Audit Standard Training, 23 May, Brisbane

Energy Audit Standard Training, 25 May, Perth

June 2016

Energy Audit Standard Training, 3 June, Sydney

Australian Energy Week (incorporating Australia’s Energy Markets Outlook, NEM Future Forum, Electricity Storage Future Forum and the Energy Policy Forum), 20-24 June, Melbourne

October 2016

All Energy Australia, 4-5 October, Melbourne

November 2016

National Energy Efficiency Conference 2016, 15-16 November, Sydney

April 2016

Total Facilities 2016, 6-7 April, Melbourne

Applied Measurement & Verification Workshop, 7-8 April, Sydney

March 2016

Building the Business Case for Energy Efficiency Projects, 1 and 8 March, Sydney

EEC/AIE Lunchtime Seminar: Building Block for Energy Efficiency, 2 March, Perth

Emissions Reduction Fund Workshop, 1 March, Brisbane

Emissions Reduction Fund Workshop, 3 March, Adelaide

Emissions Reduction Fund Workshop, 4 March, Perth

Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP) Training & Exam, 9-11 March, Melbourne

EEC Policy teleconference - Industrial, mining & SME efficiency (1), 9 March (EEC Members only)

EEC Policy teleconference - Commercial buildings & government efficiency, 10 March (EEC Members only)

EEC Policy teleconference - Residential efficiency, 11 March (EEC Members only)

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability in Local Government, 16-17 March, Melbourne

EEC Policy teleconference - Industrial, mining & SME efficiency (2), 16 March (EEC Members only)

EEC Policy teleconference -  Energy Markets, 17 March (EEC Members only)

EUAA Tasmanian Energy Forum, 22 March, Hobart

EEC Policy Platform Round Table - 22 March, Sydney, (EEC Members only)

EEC Policy Platform Round Table - 23 March, Melbourne, (EEC Members only)

Green Cities Conference, 22-24 March, Sydney

OPRA Turbines Webinar: The OP16 Gas Turbine and Cogeneration at Breweries, 23 March (online)

February 2016

Energy Audit Standard Training, 23 February, Sydney

OPRA Turbines Webinar - The OP16 Gas Turbine and Oil & Gas Applications, 24 February (online)

Energy Audit Standard Training, 25 February, Melbourne

A2SE Australian Summer Study on Energy Productivity, 24-26 February, Sydney

Emissions Reduction Fund Workshop, 29 February, Townsville

January 2015

OPRA Turbines Webinar - The OP16 Gas Turbine and Cogeneration at Dairy Plants, 20 January (online)

December 2015

Energy Efficiency Leaders' Lunch with The Hon. Mark Speakman MP, 3 December, Sydney (EEC Sponsor & Corporate members only)

November 2015

Veolia Trane 2015 Air Conditioning Clinic, 3-5 November, Brisbane

EEC Policy Forum & Teleconference: Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET), 5 November, Melbourne (EEC Members only)

CMVP Training & Examination Program, 2-4 November, Sydney

Applied Measurement & Verification Workshop, 4-5 November, Sydney

Women in Energy - Taking your career to the next level, 7 November, Melbourne

National Energy Efficiency Conference 2015, 17-18 November 2015, Melbourne

National Energy Efficiency Awards 2015 Gala Dinner, 17 November, Melbourne

Energy Manager Masterclass: Making the case for energy efficiency in your business, 18 November, Melbourne

EEC Policy Forum & Teleconference: AEMC Demand Response Proposals, 25 November, Melbourne (EEC Members only)

October 2015

EUAA National Conference, 6-7 October, Sydney

All Energy 2015, 7-8 October, Melbourne

Microgrid 2015 Conference, 14-15 October, Canberra

Veolia Trane 2015 Air Conditioning Clinic, 13-15 October, Sydney

EEC Member Forum - NSW Policies & Programs, 15 October, Sydney (EEC Members only)

Australian Technologies Competition Showcase & Awards Event, 20 October, Sydney

September 2015

Veolia Trane 2015 Air Conditioning Clinic, 1-3 September, Melbourne

Eastern Australia's Energy Markets Outlook, 15-18 September, Sydney

Energy Efficiency in Local Government Conference, 16-17 September, Sydney

EEC Policy Teleconference: National Energy Productivity Plan, 24 September (EEC Members only)

August 2015

Energy in Western Australia Conference, 26-27 August, Perth

Veolia Trane 2015 Air Conditioning Clinic, 11-13 August, Perth

EEC Policy Teleconference: Victorian Energy Efficiency Strategy, 13 August (EEC Members only)

July 2015

EUAA Victorian Energy Forum, 22 July, Melbourne

Energy Efficiency Leaders' Lunch with the Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio MP, 14 July, Melbourne (EEC Sponsor/Corporate members only)

May 2015

EEC Annual Member Strategy Consultation Forum, 28 May, Sydney (EEC Members only)

EEC Annual Member Strategy Consultation Forum, 20 May, Melbourne (EEC Members only)

EEC Policy Teleconference: Energy Savings Scheme, 13 May (EEC Members only)

E-Power & Lighting 2015, 7-8 May, Melbourne

EEC Policy Teleconference: Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, 5 May (EEC Members only)

April 2015

EVO M&V Fundamentals Workshop and CMVP Examination, 20-22 April, Melbourne

EVO M&V Fundamentals Workshop and CMVP Examination, 15-17 April, Sydney

National Energy Efficiency Forum: "Living with uncertainty - the future of gas prices", 1 April, Sydney

March 2015

EEC Policy Teleconference: Greener Government Buildings Program, 27 March (EEC Members only)

National Energy Effiicency Forum: "Living with uncertainty - the future of gas prices", 24 March, Melbourne

EEC Policy Teleconference: Commercial Buildings Disclosure Review, 2 March (EEC Members only)

February 2015

EEC Policy Teleconference: Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, 19 February (EEC Members only)

November 2014

National Energy Efficiency Conference 2014, 11-12 November, Sydney

August 2014

EVO M&V Fundamentals Workshop and CMVP Examination, 6-8 August, Melbourne

July 2014

EVO M&V Fundamentals Workshop and CMVP Examination, 28-30 July, Sydney

May 2014

EEC Member Strategy Forum, 7 May, Brisbane (EEC Members only)

EEC Member Strategy Forum, 6 May, Sydney (EEC Members only)

EEC Member Strategy Forum, 1 May, Melbourne (EEC Members only)


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retrofit to profit

The ''Retrofit to Profit' breakfast took place on Thursday 27 July, in Sydney.

Presentations from Eureka Real Assets and Real Investment Analytics can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation's Energy in Buildings: 50 Best Practice Initiatives – can be downloaded here

You may also wish to to take a look at the two video case studies launched at the event; they can be accessed be clicking the links below:

Thanks again to all the presenters and panelists for a fantastic session, and to our partners Property Council of Australia, Clean Energy Finance Corporation and AIRAH.


NEM Future Forum 2017

30 Oct - 1 Nov 2017 | Grace Hotel Sydney | Australia

Using innovation, technology and policy to future proof the NEM

External forces – like new technology, consumer preferences and decarbonisation of the grid – are driving significant changes in the NEM.

From the organisers of Australian Energy Week, the 4th annual NEM Future Forum, being held from 30 October - 1 November in Sydney, will dive deep into this issue and examine how the NEM will evolve.

Over 3 days, the Forum will bring together industry experts to examine the key trends and technologies driving change and the interplay between them. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to hear first-hand from utilities at the forefront of technological advancement and the policy makers shaping the regulatory landscape.

The NEM Future Forum will address the key challenges being faced by all stakeholders in the NEM:

  • Analyse how ongoing policy uncertainty is harming the industry and determine the steps needed to create a more functional market and better climate for future investment
  • Gain insights into the potential impact of distributed generation on traditional utilities
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of integrating solar generation into the NEM
  • Explore the latest developments in battery storage technologies and the opportunities and threats this could create for current market participants
  • Understand how new technologies and smart meters will change retail and consumer relationships
  • Discover how to encourage cost reflective consumer behaviour through better regulation and economic incentives to benefit all market participants

All EEC Members are eligible for a 10% discount - simply use code ASSN when registering.

For more information or to register visit the website here or contact +61 (0)2 9977 0565.

AFR National Energy Summit

9 – 10 October | Sofitel Wentworth Sydney


The Australian Financial Review is pleased to announce the program for the National Energy Summit – to be held on 9-10 October at the Sofitel Wentworth Sydney.

While becoming one of the world’s biggest energy exporters, a decade of political division over climate change policy has undermined Australia’s traditional competitive advantage in cheap power generated from fossil fuels.

A national carbon pricing scheme was dismantled before it could become fully operational. Yet renewed increases in electricity and gas costs threaten energy-intensive processing industries.

The national electricity market has struggled to cope with the mandated expansion of Australia’s potentially rich supply of solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, threatening the stability of the grid and blackouts such as South Australia’s state-wide system failure in September 2016. Technological disruption could destabilise the grid further or help it to accommodate more dispersed power sources.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently declared a national energy crisis, prompted by looming shortages of gas amid the expansion of LNG exports from Queensland and state government environmental restrictions on gas development, particularly in NSW and Victoria.

In response, the National Energy Summit will be held, serving as a national platform for policy debate surrounding this crisis, as well as industry networking.

More than 300 industry stakeholders are expected to be in attendance.

Learn more and book your place here.