EEC News

Breakthrough step towards a smart energy system

19 May 2017

Energy experts have applauded the announcement of a $22.5 million pilot program that will improve energy system stability by paying customers to voluntarily reduce their electricity consumption during periods of peak demand.... read more

No room for partisan politics in energy

13 February 2017

Representatives of Australian communities, including civil society, households, workers, investors, business energy users and energy suppliers today challenged all political leaders to stop partisan antics and work together to reform Australia’s energy systems and markets to deliver the reliable, affordable and clean energy that is critical to wellbeing, employment and prosperity.... read more

Joint statement: Energy reform is urgent to avert systemic crises

13 December 2016

Representatives of Australia's communities, households, business energy users and energy suppliers today called on the Commonwealth Government, the States and all other stakeholders to support reform of Australia's energy systems and markets to ensure reliability and affordability as we decarbonise the energy system.... read more