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The Energy Efficiency Council gratefully acknowledges the 2012 National Conference sponsors and supporters for their contribution in delivering this premier industry event to the sector.

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AGL - Energy in Action is more than just words for AGL Energy
AGL is very proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of the Energy Efficiency Council's National Conference for 2012.  Our vision is creating energy solutions for the communities of today and tomorrow and we believe this fully aligns with the Council's activities.

AGL is a leading energy services provider with over 2,000 employees in Australia and a market capitalisation of $6Bil, providing energy efficiency, carbon abatement, demand side and embedded generation solutions to our customers.

We are also Australia's largest energy provider, developer and operator of renewable and embedded generation assets across Australia - cogeneration, trigeneration, solar, wind, hydro, biomass, bagass, and biogass generation.

AGL has over 80 energy service professionals in the Project Development and the Projects and Advisory team.  We work across a wide range of areas including design, auditing, advisory, engineering, implementation, project management, commercial buildings, procurement, cost estimation, financing, operations, servicing, maintenance and asset management.  Our aim is to be the trusted advisor to our customers.

We understand increased action on improving energy efficiency will:

  • Reduce operating costs;
  • Deliver an improved financial position;
  • Increase an organisation's reputation and corporate reporting results;
  • Future-proof businesses, and;
  • Reduce Carbon/environmental footprint.

AGL is looking forward to the contribution that this conference will make towards moving the private and public sector towards an energy efficient future and we would like to wish the presenters, participants and Energy Efficiency Council the best of luck.

MWM -  a leading supplier of energy efficient solutions
MWM can rely on more than 100 years of experience in the development of power plants. Its range of gas engines for co-generation and tri-generation applications delivers Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency in a world class package. 

MWM Energy Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of MWM GmbH. The company has more than 100 years of experience in the development and optimization of plants for natural gas and special gases. With its profound understanding of the entire value chain, MWM is a reliable partner for the development of custom-tailored, efficient energy solutions. 

MWM has established an excellent reputation for producing “state of the art” gas engines with high reliability and very high efficiency. The gas engines, manufactured in Mannheim (Germany) cater for all gas types  from 400 kW up to 4.3 MW. 

MWM develops and builds gas engines that can supply electricity, heat and cooling. Australia wide, the MWM engine was the choice for more than 45 co-generation or tri-generation projects, such as the Commonwealth Bank Building in Darling Quarter, University of Adelaide or 530 Collins Street in Melbourne. MWM’s range of gas engines for co-generation and tri-generation applications delivers on the key requirements of today’s building designers and engineers - Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency in a world class package.  

MWM Energy Australia has a comprehensive service division dedicated to the large gas business throughout Australia, with major service capability in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.


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Dalkia Energy Solutions demonstrates outstanding energy savings for Westmead Hospital
Dalkia Energy Solutions recently reached practical completion of a project involving the upgrade of Westmead Hospital's central cooling plant.  Westmead Hospital opened in 1978, with 975 beds, as a specialised tertiary referral Hospital for Sydney's western metropolitan area, which has a population of 1.5 million people and 15 local government areas.  It also acts as the district hospital for the immediate surrounding community.

The project, undertaken by Dalkia in early 2011, was awarded due to the level of innovation shown through various strategies that targeted energy savings, particularly the use of the variable flow characteristics of the chillers coupled with an optimised chiller plant control system.

Glen Hadfield, Manager - Asset Systems and Sustainability at Western Sydney Local Health District reports, "Although we have not had a substantial period to measure the full impact of all the measures installed, in the seven months of partial operation the project has produced over 2,200 megawatt hours of savings, well on target to overachieving the original estimated savings of 3,487 megawatt hours p.a."

Additionally, Dalkia will be undertaking the continued operational and maintenance responsibilities of the chiller plant.  This all encompassing solution will ensure the maximum possible long-term savings for Westmead hospital.  Click here for article

Gala Dinner and Industry Awards Sponsor

EnerNOC leads the way in demand response
EnerNOC enables commercial and industrial organisations to earn revenue while helping to reduce electricity prices and stabilise the electricity grid.  Over 300 companies in Australia and New Zealand are enrolled in the program and participate in this energy-management initiative.

Demand-Side Management (DSM), also known as demand response (DR), puts the power of choice back in the hands of electricity users.  It provides insight into when they are affected by peak demand - that is the few points in a year where electricity use is at its highest - as well as control as to how they respond to these peak times.  By reducing usage during these times, demand response participants mitigate the impact of high energy prices and help maintain grid stability through demand reduction.  The ability to curtail energy use when called upon avoids the need to build peaking power plants and additional transmission and distribution infrastructure to support the few hours of peak demand a year.

EnerNOC is a world-leader in demand response, with programs operating in Australia, New Zealand, North America, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  Within the region, EnerNOC operates both capacity and price-based DR, as well as ancillary service programs.  Over 300 commercial and industrial customers at over 500 locations partner with EnerNOC to earn revenue by using energy more efficiently.

Energy User Session Sponsor

Low Carbon Australia finance makes energy efficiency easier
Low Carbon Australia is working with a range of industry leaders to make it easier for businesses to improve productivity and manage their electricity bills through energy efficiency.

Alliances with a range of established consultants, financial institutions and utilities are enabling Low Carbon Australia to create new opportunities by providing access to innovative finance and technical expertise.

Low Carbon Australia-supported projects, have included refrigeration upgrades for food manufacturers and processors and lighting upgrades across a range of industry.

Commercial property owners using Low Carbon Australia finance are typically reducing their energy use by between 20 and 50 per cent through installing energy efficient lighting, building management systems and efficient air-conditioning.

Low Carbon Australia can finance biogas projects that will help industry convert waste into onsite energy. For example, Low Carbon Australia-financed equipment that will allow a piggery to produce all its own electricity, enable export into the grid and reduce its LPG consumption, can be paid back in under four years.

Low Carbon Australia's finance is helping businesses cover the upfront costs of their projects, making it possible to take advantage of existing energy efficiency equipment and clean technology that will help them work smarter not harder to realise productivity gains and manage energy costs.

With Low Carbon Australia's support there are many ways businesses can act now.  For more information click here.

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