Policy Recommendations & Submissions

EEC Policy Platform

EEC Policy Platform - A Plan for Affordable and Efficiency Energy (September 2013)

The Energy Efficiency Council built on the 2012 'Plan for Affordable Energy' to develop a comprehensive package of reforms to boost efficiency to address cost-of-living pressures for households and improve the competitiveness of Australia's businesses.

The package of policies can be downloaded here.

A Plan for Affordable Energy (2012)

The Energy Efficiency Council joined forces with the Australian Industry Group, CHOICE, and the Brotherhood of St Laurence and commissioned energy market experts Oakley Greenwood to identify options to put downward pressure on electricity prices.  Based on the Oakley Greenwood report and our collective expertise, the group wrote 'A Plan for Affordable Energy' that looks at the wholesale energy market, networks, consumer protection and energy management.

Oakley Greenwood's report can be downloaded here.

The Plan for Affordable Energy can be downloaded here.

Energy Efficiency: Australia's Low Carbon Opportunity

The Energy Efficiency Council launched its national platform in June 2010.  The document is a result of eighteen months of work by experts and provides a range of recommendations to drive Australia towards an energy efficient future. The platform was updated in December 2010.

Download the policy recommendations here .

EEC submissions on specific policies

The Energy Efficiency Council aims to ensure that governments and decision-makers have access to the best advice from the sector to assist them to develop policies that support better energy management in Australia.

EEC Submission - Review of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme - May 2015

EEC Submission - Submission on the review of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) - May 2015

EEC Submission - Submission on the City of Sydney Energy Efficiency Masterplan Draft - May 2015

EEC Submission - Review of the Commercial Building Disclosure Program - April 2015

EEC Submission - Removing barriers to demand management - a letter to AER, March 2015

EEC Submission - Submission to AEMC on Demand Management Incentive Scheme - March 2015

EEC Submission - Submission to Senate Inquiry on Electricity Networks

EEC Submission - Response to Federal Government's Energy Green Paper - November 2014

EEC Submission - Senate Inquiry into the repeal of the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program June 2014

EEC Submission - Distribution Network Pricing Arrangements May 2014

EEC Submission - Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper March 2014

EEC Submission - Energy Savings Scheme (Part 1) March 2014

EEC Submission - Energy Savings Scheme (Part 2) March 2014

EEC Submission - Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the impact of the carbon tax on health services March 2014

EEC Submission - NSW Energy Savings Scheme Rule Change December 2013

EEC Submission - on Emissions Reduction Fund December 2013

EEC Submission - to NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into cogeneration and trigeneration in New South Wales September 2013

EEC Submission - AEMC Cogenconnection August 2013

EEC Submission - Response to VEET Issues Paper July 2013

EEC Submission - Standards Australia - Energy Audit standard revision June 2013

EEC Submission - AEMC - Strategic Priorities Review Discussion Paper June 2013

EEC Submission - EEO Greenfield sites May 2013

EEC Submission - EEO regulation changes May 2013

EEC Submission - national consumer advocacy body March 2013

EEC Submission Jan to COAG regulatory and competition taskforce Feb 2013

EEC Submission on VEET Feb 2013

EEC Submission on VEET, December 2012

EEC Submission on NABERS multi-tool, December 2012

EEC Submission to Senate Committee on Electricity, September 2012

EEC Submission on NABERS cogen ruling, August 2012

EEC Submission to AEMC Cogen Rulechange, August 2012

EEC Submission to VCEC, July 2012

EEC Submission to COAG Regulatory and Competition Taskforce, July 2012

EEC Submission to Buildings Framework, July 2012

EEC Submission on Energy Efficiency Council to AEMC, May 2012

EEC Submission on Energy White Paper, March 2012

EEC Submission on Energy Saving Initiative, March 2012

EEC Submission on Energy Efficiency Information Grants, December 2011

EEC Submission on Clean Energy Finance Corporation, December 2011

EEC Submission on Community Energy Efficiency Program, October 2011

EEC Submission on Clean Technology Investment Program, October 2011

EEC Submission on Draft Street Lighting Strategy, September 2011

EEC Submission on the AEMC Stage 3 Demand-Side Participation Review, September 2011

EEC Submission on Carbon Price Legislative Package, August 2011

EEC Submission to Sustainability Victoria strategic review, June 2011

EEC Submission on Energy Audit Standard, June 2011

EEC Submission on Tenancy Lighting Energy Efficiency Assessment Tool (Commercial Building Disclosure), June 2011

EEC Submission on AEMC Priorities, May 2011

EEC Submission on Carbon Price, May 2011

EEC Submission on the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, April 2011

EEC Submission on Tax Breaks for Green Buildings, February 2011

EEC Response to Prime Minister's Task Group Report on Energy Efficiency, December 2010

EEC Submission on Green Leases, October 2010

EEC Submission to Prime Minister's Task Group Initial Submission, May 2010

Senate Environment Committee on Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Bill, April 2010

EEC Submission on the Energy Efficiency Data Framework, March 2010

EEC Submission on the ACT Draft Sustainable Energy Policy, March 2010

EEC Submission to the Senate Economics Committee on the Energy Efficient Non-Residential Buildings Scheme, October 2009

EEC Submission on the Energy White Paper, May 2009

EEC Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy, April 2009

AEPCA Submission to the IPART Review of NSW Climate Change Mitigation Measures, February 2009

AEPCA Submission on Mandatory Disclosure of Commercial Building Energy Efficiency, February 2009

AEPCA Submission to the Federal Opposition Review of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) White Paper (Pearce Review), February 2009