Media releases

Media Release August 2014: "National Energy Efficiency Awards 2014: Nominations Now Open"

Media Release August 2014: "VEET: Report raises concerns about State Government's energy-efficiency modelling"

Media Release October 2012: "Joint Statement: A Plan for Affordable Energy"

Media Release October 2012: "Electricity Report: United fight against rising electricity costs"

Media Release July 2012: "Rob Murray-Leach, CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council talks about how the amount of energy is wasted in Australia."

Media Release July 2012: "Rob Murray-Leach, CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council talks about why energy prices are rising."

Media Release 17 November 2011: "Australia needs concrete action to meet APEC efficiency targets"

Media Release 20 April 2011: "Bridge the gap or lose jobs" (Delayed Tax Breaks for Green Buildings)

Media Release 30 March 2011: "Energy efficiency industry backs Garnaut"

Media Release 21 February 2011: "Australian Industry Group faces Energy Shock"

Media Release 2 December 2010: "Conference congratulates City of Sydney, pushes efficiency into the spotlight"

Media Release 2 November 2010: "Tenants able to select efficient buildings"

Media Release 24 June 2010: "While climate tops the agenda: new plan gives 50% of solution for govt"

Media Release 2 February 2010: "Energy efficiency in industry - the giant awakens" 

Media Release 30 April 2009: "Greatest energy efficiency opportunities remain untapped" (COAG Draft National Strategy on National Energy Efficiency)

Media Release 31 March 2009: "City of Melbourne set to become a green global leader" (1200 Buildings project)