Efficiency Insight - April 2022

Efficiency Insight is the Energy Efficiency Council's quarterly energy management update for members, partners and stakeholders.


The countdown is on – only four weeks until our sector comes together for the first time in over two years for the National Energy Efficiency Conference 2022.

It's going to be so good to see you all in Melbourne, and there is so much to discuss. The embrace of net zero over the last couple of years has changed the game. As businesses set ever more ambitious emissions reduction targets, energy management has come into its own as a cost effective tool for immediate emissions reduction. And the value of the demand side in the journey to net zero is coming into focus like never before; as we transition to a 21st century economy powered by renewables, there is no pathway to net zero that doesn't include smart energy management as a central pillar.

As always the Conference is your opportunity to catch up on the latest thinking on all that and more. Details are below, including the full program, or you can register here.

Catch you very soon!

Best regards,

Luke Menzel
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Efficiency Council

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