Efficiency Insight - April 2021

Efficiency Insight is the Energy Efficiency Council's monthly energy management update for members, partners and stakeholders.


In two weeks Australia will attend President Joe Biden's Leaders Summit on Climate, the first of a series of forums focused on accelerating global efforts on carbon reduction ahead of the Glasgow Conference of Parties in November.

In this month's short video update I argue that these forums are a huge opportunity for Australia: to showcase our global leadership on renewables, and join allies like the US and the UK in embracing strong action on energy efficiency and energy management as a key plank of our climate plans.

Rob Murray-Leach unpacks some of these international developments in this month's policy update, as well the latest in buildings policy, energy efficiency schemes and energy market reform right here in Australia. There is also an except from my podcast interview with BlueScope Steel's Bridgette Carter, and a look at our exciting new energy briefing quarterly update for Aussie businesses.

Finally, if you are an EEC member based in Victoria, its time to get out of the home office and into the CBD for our Melbourne member lunch on 28 April. Check your inbox for a message from me with all the details – looking forward to seeing you there.

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Luke Menzel
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Efficiency Council

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In this newsletter:


Policy update from Rob Murray-Leach

Energy Efficiency Council Head of Policy, Rob Murray-Leach, gives us an update on big global developments on the energy management front as well as updates on building policy, energy efficiency policy, energy efficiency schemes and energy market reform across Australia.

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Supporting Aussie businesses through the energy transition

Last week the EEC launched a new plank of our business engagement efforts – the energy briefing quarterly update – which gives  businesses practical, up-to-date information on energy markets, energy policy and grant programs.

Ulrika Lindholme provides some background on our latest effort to support Aussie businesses navigating the energy transition.

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Efficiency Leader - Mattheos Santamouris 


The energy management sector is made up of many passionate professionals. 

In this month’s Efficiency Leader we are profiling Professor Mattheos Santamouris, or Professor Mat as we like to call him at the Energy Efficiency Council.

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From First Fuel: 'One of the big ones' with Bridgette Carter

Last month Energy Efficiency Council CEO Luke Menzel sat down with Bridgette Carter, Manager, Energy Sourcing & Utilisation at BlueScope and Deputy Chair of the Energy Users Association of Australia, to record episode 39 of the Energy Efficiency Council’s podcast, First Fuel.

Luke and Bridgette discussed the crucial role energy plays in BlueScope’s steel production, the company’s long history of proactive energy management, and the role of industry in the transition to a net zero economy. Read an edited excerpt from their conversation or visit here to listen to the entire interview.


Managing thermal bridging using continuous insulation

Thermal bridging – a weakness (break) in the thermal envelope of a building – is a big issue for energy performance.

Recently EEC member Kingspan Insulation enlisted another member, Norman Disney & Young, to look at the effectiveness of its products in addressing thermal bridging, with exciting results.

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Upcoming global events in building energy performance

The International Energy Agency’s Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme (IEA EBC) coordinates global research efforts on improving the energy performance of buildings and precincts around the world.

This month Kate Jennings updates you on upcoming events in two of the IEA EBC's work streams: energy flexible buildings and air ventilation.

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Energy Efficiency Council's training, certification and professional development calendar continues this autumn in an online classroom format. As a benefit of our transition into an online classroom, we have been delighted to welcome registrants from all over Australia, New Zealand and Singapore into our program and our energy management network.

Significant discounts are offered to EEC members across our training, certification and professional development program, which is only one of the many benefits of Council membership. More information about becoming a Council member is located here, or call our office to speak to our staff about how we can make membership work for you.

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