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FIRST FUEL EPISODE 18: Getting further faster with Paul Ruyssevelt and Carlos Flores

Listen to the podcast here.

Date: 26 August 2020

Watch the live recorded webinar below:

In this week's episode, the EEC's CEO, Luke Menzel, is joined by one of the UK's leading energy efficiency experts, and one of Australia's most knowledgable built environment specialist to discuss global collaboration on energy efficient and resilient buildings.

The Energy Efficiency Council has had a longstanding collaboration with the IEA's Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) programme; indeed we co-hosted our 2016 and 2018 National Conferences with the EBC.

A lot has happened in energy efficiency since 2018, and on Wednesday 26 August we'll check in with two key experts: 

  • Paul Ruyssevelt, Professor of Energy and Building Performance at the UCL Energy Institute and Vice Chair of the EBC; and
  • Carlos Flores, Director - National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS), the world leading benchmarking tool for measuring energy efficiency, carbon emissions and resource usage in the built environment. 

Paul and Carlos are the IEA EBC's national representatives for the UK and Australia respectively, and are key players in the global collaborative research effort to drive the transition to energy efficient buildings and resilient communities.

Paul, Carlos and Luke will be discussing the role of the IEA EBC, it's achievements, it's goals, and how Australian academia and industry can get involved to ensure that our energy transition enables healthy and comfortable buildings, as well as clean and affordable energy for all.

The Council's collaboration with DISER and the IEA EBC on promoting global collaboration on energy efficiency continues to gather momentum; keep an eye on the IEA EBC in Australia webpage for updates over the coming year.

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