Training & Events

Training & Events

CPD opportunities

The Energy Efficiency Council delivers and supports two certifications in Australia that are managed by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE):

Both certifications are subject to a three-year renewal cycle in which CEMs and CMVPs are required to provide evidence of 10 credits of relevant CPD undertaken in the preceeding three years. As a guide, a qualifiying course of five contact hours provides 1 x AEE credit, so 10 AEE credits requires some time to achieve and you are encouraged to activly seek professional development opportunities across the full three years to ensure you will have sufficient credits at renewal time.

Please note that CPD opportunities are not limited to those provided by the Council. Please review the AEE CPD Guidelines below for advice as to whether a CPD will qualify as AEE CPD.

Supporting evidence is required and must include the following:

1. Name of the training provider;
2. Course name and brief course content description and/or skills addressed;
3. Location of the course/training;
4. Date of activity/course/training;
5. Duration (hours of training/contact hours (note that this EXCLUDES breaks); and
6. Instructor/Speaker/Facilitator’s name (if applicable)


Please note that AEE does not pre-approve any CPD except their own, including the examples listed below, and reserves the right not to accept any CPD submission.

Below are some examples of how to achieve 10 AEE credits across a three year renewal cycle. You are advised to refer to AEE guidelines for more detail on each qualifying criteria to ensure the CPD you submit with your renewal satisfies the criteria - AEE does not pre-approve any CPD except their own, not even training and events offered by the Energy Efficiency Council or the examples provided below - so the best you can do is to carefully consider and follow the AEE CPD Guidelines.

Continued employment in energy management / energy engineering
3 AEE credits (1 credit per year).

Individual membership of a professional association
3 AEE credits (1 credit per year), eg: the AEE may accept membership of Engineers Australia, EVO or AEE.

Energy efficiency conference (excludes trade show or expo)
eg: 3 AEE credits (approx): the AEE may accept attendance at a National Energy Efficiency Conference (approx 15 contact hours).

Continuing education
eg: 1.6 AEE credits - the AEE may accept attendence at one of the Council's Masterclasses of eight contact hours;
eg: 1 AEE credit - the AEE may accept the post-event viewing of five, one-hour episiodes of the Council's complimentary First Fuel podcast that provide learning in energy management;
Or, AEE CPD opportunities are pre-approved and available here.

Professional awards or papers presented
2 AEE credits per energy-related paper or presentation (no matter how many times it is delivered);
2 AEE credits per energy-related award (only if awarded to the team of which the individual is a member (general company awards do not qualify), eg the AEE may accept an award presented at the National Energy Efficiency Awards.

Measurement & Verification Plans (applicable to CMVP renewal only)
1 AEE credit per year of renewal cycle (3 maximum);
0.5 AEE credits per M&V plan (two plans per year maximum);
The renewing CMVP must be the primary author of the M&V Plan;

Offices held in a professional organisation
1 AEE credit per year of holding an elected Board position (must be an organisation with individual memberships to qualify, which the Council is not).

EEC CPD opportunities

The Energy Efficiency Council supports our CEMs and CMVPs to engage in ongoing CPD with a number of complimentary and paid opportunities always available.

Please note that AEE does not pre-approve any CPD, and the examples provided below are to assist in identifying possible CPD pathways only. Please refer to the AEE CPD qualifying criteria if you are seeking CPD to support your certification renewal.  

If you would like a Certificate of Attendance for any of the below EEC CPD opportunities, you can submit a request here

Individual membership of a professional association


After completing the  CMVP course, EVO offers one year of complimentary EVO membership that may be annually renewed by the CMVP. Each year of EVO membership attracts 1 AEE credit.


You may have become an AEE member during the course of your CEM and/or CMVP certification. To check if you are an AEE member, please email To become an AEE member, click here. Types of memberships are detailed here.

Continuing education

Please note that AEE does not pre-approve any CPD except their own, including the examples listed below, and reserves the right not to accept any CPD submission. Please follow the AEE CPD Guidelines when considering if a course qualifies as an AEE CPD opportunity.


The Council's training calendar includes a number and range of certification, professional development and training opportunities that are currently being delivered online. Please review the training calendar and course information for opportunities of interest to you and register online. As a guide, a course consisting of eight contact hours may attract 1.6 AEE credits. A certificate of attendance will be provided upon completion of the course.


The Energy Efficiency Council's podcast, First Fuel, brings you the latest perspectives on energy efficiency, energy management and demand response from Australia and around the world. As a guide, each one-hour episode may attract 0.2 AEE credits. Email to receive a certificate of attendance.


Under COVID-19 conditions, the Council has transitioned into online forums, however the expectation is to run in-person and hybrid events as soon as circumstances allow. The Council often runs live forums and webinars, such as the National Summit: Energy efficiency and Australia's economic recovery, which the Council held on 1 July 2020. This three-hour summit was complimentary to attend and may attract 0.6 AEE credits. It is available as a recording and may be viewed at any time. Email to receive a certificate of attendance.

Energy efficiency conference 


The NEEC has been run as an in-person annual event across two days, alternating between Melbourne and Sydney locations, since 2009. As an in-person event, the NEEC consists of approximately 15 contact hours which may be 3 AEE credits. NEEC20 was run in November 2020 as an online event for which post-event access may be purchased. At 18 hours of content, NEEC20 may attract 3.6 AEE credits.


The AEE guidelines are clear that a trade show or expo does not qualify on its own as a conference that attracts CPD, however the EEE incorporates a conference component that does qualify. Supporting evidence to retain includes the EEE conference program that includes contact hours and a registration receipt. One contact hour may attract 0.2 AEE credits.

Professional awards


The annual National Energy Efficiency Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in energy efficiency, cogeneration and demand management across Australia and are open to anyone to apply. The AEE guidelines are clear that, to qualify for AEE credit, the award must be awarded to an individual or team and not the company as a whole. If the award qualifies, it attracts 2 AEE credits.