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The AEE Certified Professional Directory publishes the complete list of qualified Certified Energy Managers (CEM) in Australia and across the world.   

To find a certified professional in Australia, select the Country and CEM as the certified professional type.

It may be adventageous to review the Council's member list to determine if a certified professional is employed by an Energy Efficiency Council member.

CEM: Certification renewal and directory

The Energy Efficiency Council delivers and supports one certification in Australia that is managed by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE):

CEM certifications are subject to a three-year renewal cycle in which CEMs are required to provide evidence of 10 credits of relevant CPD undertaken in the preceeding three years. As a guide, a qualifiying course of five contact hours provides 1 x AEE credit, so 10 AEE credits requires some time to achieve and you are encouraged to activly seek professional development opportunities across the full three years to ensure you will have sufficient credits at renewal time.

Please note that CPD opportunities are not limited to those provided by the Council.



CEM certifications have an expiry date of 31 December three years after you first became qualified or since your last renewal. The expiry date is noted on your certificate and on the AEE Certified Professional Directory, or you can email the Council at to find out more about your certification.

In order to allow you sufficient time to complete any outstanding CPD, the Council will be in contact with you in the year preceeding your certification expiry date to:

  • Remind you to begin gathering evidence of your CPD;
  • Calculate how many of the 10 required AEE credits you have secured; and
  • Calculate how many AEE credits you still require.

The renewal process for the CEM certification is managed by AEE and is completed in one process. You may renew at any time in your third year, and are encouraged to do so as soon as you are confident you have supporting evidence for 10 AEE credits of CPD and before your 31 December expiry date.

Click on the 'Renew' button below, then the blue 'Renew Your Certification' button on the AEE website to complete the CEM and/or CMVP renewal process:

  • Submit CPD and supporting evidence; and
  • Pay the renewal fee by credit card (currently USD300).


The renewal process takes about 30 days after submission of your renewal. Should there be any questions about your renewal, either AEE or the Council will be in touch to dicsuss these with you. A new certificate with a new expiry date will be issued in due course, and AEE will update their Certified Professional Directory with your current information as confirmed through the renewal process.