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Now that EVO and AEE are no longer delivering the CMVP certification in partnership, there is a new pathway forward for M&V certification in Australia as a Performance Measurement & Verification Professional (PMVA), a certification administered by EVO.
Anyone with a current CMVP certification may retain and renew that certification directly with AEE.
Further, anyone with a current CMVP certification may be reciprocally recognised by EVO as a PMVA, and will be supported to maintain the PMVA certification by the EEC. There are also pathways to 'reinstatement as a PMVA' should the CMVP certification have been allowed to lapse.

Instructions to submit a Fast Track PMVA Application
for anyone with a current or expired CMVP certification:

  • EVO manages the PMVA certification through their ECMS;
  • Most CMVPs should have an ECMS account as EVO processed all certifications in the past. Use an email address provided with your application - either your work or personal address - and seek a password reset if required.
  • Please go to the EVO website and click the LEARN MORE button (refer image below);
  • Please keep the link in your favourites and your login details handy;

  • Once you have logged in, tick the box 'I have taken the M&V Fundamentals course'. This is the course you took as part of your certification;
  • Enter the training provider Energy Efficiency Council and the start date of your training (the year is sufficient);
  • You will then be asked if you received a certification, what type of certification and if it's current or expired;
  • You will be asked for a certification number or ID (refer to the certificate to locate the number) and the expiration year of your certification (current or expired);
  • You may upload a copy of your certificate to facilitate the process, but it isn't mandatory;
  • You will be asked to confirm the details EVO has on file and the name you woulld like on your new certificate;
  • Submit. A confirmation screen will appear advising that EVO will get back to you within 5 working days about next steps, and you will receive a confirmation email.

Reinstatement of lapsed CMVP certification as a PMVA certification

  • If you obtained your CMVP certification after 1 January 2016 and it has expired, you can reinstate the certification as PMVA through the same renewal process as outlined above;
  • Read the CPD guidelines for certification renewal;
  • If your CMVP expired before 1 January 2016, you may reinstate the certification as PMVA by resitting the exam through the EEC, obtaining a pass rate of at least 70% and paying the renewal fee; and
  • Send an email to for further support.