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The Performance Measurement and Verification Analyst (PMVA) professional certification establishes the primary  standard for individuals applying performance, measurement, and verification concepts to energy efficiency projects.

PMVAs are involved in the design and implementation of energy efficiency programs and the financing of energy efficiency projects. They have demonstrated M&V capabilities that include a good understanding of how to apply the IPMVP to determine savings.

PMVAs could be building technologists, HVAC specialists, engineers, architects, economists, financial analysts, and more.

The PMVA CERTIFICATION is earned through demonstrated field M&V work achieved through a mix of M&V relevant education, professional expertise and experiences.


  • Energy performance contractors and their customers;
  • Demand-side management program designers, managers, and evaluators or others working at utilities or in public administration;
  • Energy users implementing energy efficiency measures and looking to account for savings;
  • Facility managers properly accounting for energy budget variances;
  • Building managers seeking recognition for the energy efficiency of their building operations;
  • New building designers wishing to account for the sustainability of their designs;
  • Water efficiency project developers;
  • Designers for emission-reduction trading program; and
  • Energy end-users seeking ISO 50001 certification.


  • Knowledge and basic understanding/comprehension of the fundamental principles of M&V for individual energy efficiency projects and specifically the key concepts of the IPMVP;
  • Understanding relevant statistical concepts and how they apply to M&V;
  • Understanding the IPMVP four options and the essential elements/content of an M&V plan; and 
  • Capacity to provide professional advice to energy efficiency program developers, utilities, governments, financial institutions, energy user, and other parties interested in M&V. 


  • Understand the fundamental principles of M&V for individual energy efficiency and water projects;
  • Understand relevant statistical concepts and how they apply to M&V;
  • Understand the IPMVP four Options and the essential elements/content of an M&V Plan; and
  • Be able to provide professional advice to energy efficiency program developers, utilities, governments, financial institutions, and other parties interested in M&V


  • Take the M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP course AND pass the exam with a mark of 70% or higher;
  • After completing the course, candidates must take the exam and submit their PMVA application within three years of taking the training. This means candidates have three years within which they must pass the exam to obtain PMVA certification; and
  • The PMVA certification is valid for 36 months from the date of inception. 


  • Take the M&V Fundamentals and the IPMVP course; and
  • It is necessary to take and pass the exam to be considered for PMVA certification.


  • The exam reflects the key competencies, learned by completing the M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP training course;
  • The exam consists of multiple-choice questions; and
  • Before taking the exam, candidates have access to a series of knowledge-based questions on various M&V topics to test their acquired knowledge and to help them identify subjects/themes requiring further study and revision. 

Education and work experience

  • Have successfully graduated college/university in engineering, architecture, economics, sustainability, finance, building technology, HVAC, or related (requires a copy of the diploma or other relevant credentials); and
  • Work in the field – M&V, energy, energy efficiency, government, ESCO, utility, financial institution or related – should be advising/developing/implementing energy efficiency programs, energy projects, financing of energy projects, energy management, energy audits (provide contact details for reference and also a short description  of duties).


  • Click 'Register Now' under your preferred course, and pay your booking deposit by credit card at the time of registration ($935 + 2.4% CC fee)
  • An invoice for the full course cost, less the deposit paid will be issued upon successful registration. Payment in full must be received before course materials will be issued. 
  • An application form will follow.

We have two upcoming certification cohorts, which includes the training course, the exam and the certification process:

ONLINE, 20 - 23 MARCH 2023   
Registrations close 7 March 2023          




SYDNEY, 22 - 24 MAY 2023 
Registrations close 8 May 2023  


Certification (course and exam)

Includes access to pre-course information, course materials, the course, trainer support, the exam and assessment. All fees are inclusive of GST.

Standard: $3,950

EEC Member: $3,160

Payment may be made in full by credit card at the time of registration, or a deposit payment of $935 may be made and a balance invoice will be issued. 

Exam only (resit or first time) 

Registration for the exam only may also be booked and paid through the registration process (refer note 1 below). These registrants will join the exam window immediately following the next course. 

Standard: $655

EEC member: $555

Payment must be made in full by credit card at the time of registration.


  1. A limited number of discounted places are available in each program to full time tertiary students. Pricing and further information on student places is available by writing to
  2.  All prices are stated in Australian dollars and include GST. Payments made by credit card attract a surcharge of 2.4% plus GST.
  3. Current EEC members receive significant discounts on the fee schedule, but the membership must be up to date to receive the discounted rate. For more information on becoming an EEC member, review the membership overview
  4. Should a non-member register for a course at the EEC member rate, an invoice for the difference will be issued and will be due for payment before the course commences. 


  • If you took EVO’s M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP course and exam in past years, and you received a professional certification co-sponsored by EVO, you may apply to receive your PMVA professional certification without further requirement.
  • If you hold such certification and it is still valid, you may apply for the PMVA, and EVO will issue your PMVA certification for the time left before the expiration of such certification. Complete the PMVA electronic application form on EVO’s website and upload information as required.
  • If such certification lapsed and is expired, you may apply for the PMVA by providing details on your past certification. Such information may include the date you took the M&V Fundamentals training, a copy of your former certificate, etc. Complete the PMVA electronic application form available on EVO’s website, upload information as required, and pay the certification fee