Training & Events

Training & Events


Now that EVO and AEE are no longer delivering the CMVP certification in partnership, there is a new pathway forward for M&V certification in Australia as a Performance Measurement & Verification Analyst (PMVA), a certification administered by EVO.
The EEC is EVO's training partner in Australia for the delivery of the PMVA training and certification.

The PMVA Directory is available on the EVO website:

Existing PMVA due for renewal:

CMVP due for renewal, seeking reciprocal PMVA certification:

PMVA RENEWAL CRITERIA – Mix of the following:

  • Being employed in the field for the period of the certification (require start/end dates of employment and description of the duties. The duties should be the same or similar to the ones for initial PMVA approval)
  • Teaching M&V, energy, EE, energy financing, etc. courses/webinars/masterclasses (should provide the title of the courses, dates when delivered, program/agenda showing they were the instructors, reference contact details)
  • Prepare simple M&V plans or advise/be part of a team doing/reviewing M&V plans (names should be on the M&V plan; should provide the title of the M&V plan, when it was prepared or implemented – should be in the same renewal cycle, and contact details for reference)
  • Speak at conferences on M&V relevant topics (should provide the title of the event, dates within the renewal cycle, programs showing they were the speaker/presentation)
  • Trainee to relevant courses (provide a certificate of attendance within the renewal cycle)
  • Author of published articles, papers (provide the title, date of publication, copy or link to the publication; names should be on the publication)
  • More information.