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Certification: Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP)


The Energy Efficiency Council is the only Australian provider of the Efficiency Valuation Organization’s ‘Certified Measurement & Verification Professional’ certification and exam, awarded by the US Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). The certification is officially known as EVO/AEE's M&V Fundamentals & the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol for Energy Managers, but is referred to here as CMVP.

The AEE Certified Professional Directory publishes the complete list of qualified Certified Measurement & Verification Professional's (CMVP) in Australia and across the world.   


EVO and AEE are in the process of dissolving their partnership, which means that the EEC cannot currently offer our usual CMVP course (Level 3 - M&V Fundamentals & the IPMVP) and certification. We are in communication with both EVO and AEE and will be in touch with current and prospective certified professionals when there is a clear pathway forward. If you'd like to directly receive updates on this situation, please register an EOI using the button below.