Insulation Industry Spotlight: Pacific Urethanes 23 June 2023

Pacific Urethanes: a one stop shop for spray foamers

Pacific Urethanes is a leading force in the polyurethane industry, empowering a wide range of sectors with their innovative and high-quality solutions. For those who may not know, polyurethane is a plastic material, which can be produced in various forms and used in a broad range of applications, including insulation.

Given the flexibility of the product, innovation and technology plays a large role in what Pacific Urethanes does. 

“We continually strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in the polyurethane industry, revolutionising products, and processes to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” says Darren Millar, Pacific Urethanes’ CEO. 

With a keen interest in spray foam insulation, Pacific Urethanes recently began a partnership with Huntsman Building Solutions. 

“The partnership will enable us to distribute Huntsman’s world class spray foam insulation product to the Australian market,” Darren explains. 

“They have the latest sustainable technology, and we work closely with delivery partners like Graco to ensure we have capability and coverage across Australia. We are the one stop shop for spray foamers – it’s a great partnership,” he explains.  

So, why spray foam? According to Darren, it’s partly down to the attitude and approach of those already working with the product in Australia.

“This is a community that wants to be a step ahead and get to the next level of service offering,” he says. “This is set to go one way, and that’s to grow – we can see the market doubling in the next few years.”  

Pacific Urethanes is keen to support this growth, sustainably. 

“We were attracted to partnering with Huntsman because of their great sustainability story. For example, Huntsman can upcycle thousands of plastic bottles into a single home through their spray foam product.”  

The business also supports industry through their keen involvement in associations with a focus on quality, safety and industry development. 

“We are members of the Australian Modern Building Alliance because we believe in this industry, and we want to drive it,” says Darren. 

“Beyond our product, we want to improve community, government and industry literacy around whole of building improvement concepts, for example, air-tightness.” 

“We want to lift the technology, quality and sustainability standards in the industry, and to support installers on their growth journeys,” he adds. 

“We’re fired up and want to keep going, going, going,” concludes Darren.

With enthusiasm like this in the industry, it’s hard to think the future of spray foam in Australia is anything but a bright one. 


Pictured above: Travis McCallum, General Manager HBS APAC and Darren Millar, CEO Pacific Urethanes.