Insulation Industry Spotlight: Spray Foam Tasmania 27 February 2023

“Insulation has a lot of potential in Tasmania. It makes a huge difference to people’s health and comfort. I think it’s going to be a key solution in how we manage the climate crisis in Australia.” 

The inspiration to start Spray Foam Insulation Tasmania came from across the globe, when co-owner Ryan Worn attended the 2017 International Roofing and Insulation expo in Dallas, Texas. Having started his roofing apprenticeship in 2007, Ryan was always on the lookout for ways he could hone his skills.

 “The USA is really innovating around ways to conserve energy within homes. There’s some impressive research and development being done over there and I think Australia is only just starting to catch up,” he says.

After attending the expo, Ryan considered how to bring that same level of innovation back to Tasmania.

“We're known to be the coldest and wettest state. Unfortunately, Tassie homes are usually old and haven't been built with much thought to insulation design. It makes them prone to mould and water damage.”

“I was under the impression that I would have to completely renovate my home if I wanted to have it properly insulated,” Ryan continues. “It’s not the case. You can get your underfloor, walls and ceiling insulated without damaging your home. Often within a day as well.”

As Ryan became more immersed in the industry, he began to appreciate the impact insulation was having on reducing emissions, particularly as insulation technology improved.  “Insulators are getting better at saving energy, they're more sustainably produced, and they're lasting longer,” he says. “Manufacturers are really thinking about the big picture.” 

Ryan founded Spray Foam Insulation Tasmania with long-time friend Tom Allison, a local cafe owner who also co-owned a building company.

“We work well together. And he believes in bringing great insulation practices to Tasmania just as much as I do,” says Ryan. 

With the company founded, the next step was to ensure they were operating to the highest standards.

“When not installed properly, insulation can be useless, and potentially cause damage to people’s homes. So, completing the Certified Insulation Installer program through the Energy Efficiency Council really helped us recognise the benchmark for best-practice”.

In their research, Ryan and Tom noticed some trends in residential energy consumption.

“If you look at some of the 2020 data, Tasmanian homes are consuming almost double the amount of electricity in winter compared to summer. It's a lot of power. The bill on that kind of usage is something you really have to plan for.”

“When you really start to dig deep, the negative long-term health effects of having inadequate access to regular heating are astounding,” adds Ryan.

“Unfortunately, elderly and people from lower-socioeconomic backgrounds are the most negatively affected.”

“Families are already doing it tough managing the increased cost of living. People will start sacrificing their comfort and health just to stay afloat. So it’s awesome to see the push from the Tasmanian government with the Energy Saver Loan Scheme.”

Based out of Launceston and operating Tasmania-wide, Spray Foam Insulation Tasmania has just opened a second site in Glenorchy to meet increased demand and better facilitate the southern Tasmanian region.

“Due to the cold and wet climate, we find homes really benefit from spray foam insulation. Especially when it comes to preventing underfloor draughts,” says Ryan.

“The feedback has been great. People are really noticing a drop in their energy bills. Their homes are more comfortable, floors stop creaking, and pests disappear. It’s gratifying to see insulation is making a difference.”

“At the end of the day, it comes down to doing your own research. Aussie government websites are a great place to start and have a lot of good info out there on insulation.”