The Energy Efficiency Council's 12 days of Efficiencymas 2020 25 December 2020

If you find yourself relaxing after a holiday dinner and yearning for some energy efficiency content, you are in luck! Last year the Energy Efficiency Council brought you the first #12DaysofEfficiencymas, and this year we’re bringing it back.

2020 has been a wild ride all around the world. Since we still can’t go on an actual trip around the world, we’re taking you on a virtual global energy efficiency adventure, beginning right here in Australia but traveling to far-off corners of the world.

Follow along with our #12DaysofEfficiencymas videos, featuring some of the best content of 2020 from the Energy Efficiency Council and our partners.


Day one: Decarbonisation Futures with Anna Skarbek

On the first day of Efficiencymas, we start right here at home with our very first episode of First Fuel, the podcast we launched in April 2020. Our Chief Executive Officer, Luke Menzel, has been busy chatting it up with energy efficiency experts from all over the world, but the series kicked off with Luke chatting with Anna Skarbek, Chief Executive Officer of ClimateWorks Australia.

The two talked about Energy Efficiency Council NGO Partner ClimateWorks’ seminal report, Decarbonisation Futures. The report showed that decarbonisation in Australia is possible, and laid out the framework to get it done.

Watch the video here, or listen to the podcast here


Day two: Climate of opportunity with Connie Hedegaard

For day two of the Efficiencymas, we’re jetting off to Europe to see how decarbonisation is already happening. We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Connie Hedegaard, former European Commissioner for Climate Action, at the National Energy Efficiency Conference this year.

Luke and Connie talked about the growing global momentum for ambitious climate action and the central role of energy efficiency in the transition. Connie also reminded us that some of what we’re hoping for in Australia is happening overseas. It can be done!

Watch that video here, or listen here.

And remember, you can access the rest of the National Energy Efficiency Conference 2020 videos in the conference portal if you purchased a ticket. If you don’t have a ticket, you can still access all the videos at a steep discount here.


Day three: Minimum energy performance standards in buildings around the world

For day three ofEfficiencymas, we’re taking a step back for a global view of one of the many critical components of decarbonisation: minimum energy performance standards. In November, the EEC hosted energy efficiency experts from the US, Europe and right here in Australia to get a flavour of minimum energy performance standards around the world. The webinar is based in part on an international review of minimum energy standards in rental properties, which shows where in the world these policies exist. As we’ve seen from recent announcements, minimum efficiency standards will finally be introduced for rental homes in Victoria – a huge win for the year!

Find the recording here.


Day four: Understanding NatHERS: an in-depth look at the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme at Renew's Sustainable House Day 2020

On day four, we’re making a brief pit stop back home for a look at the National House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), which is a critical tool for enabling minimum standards in residential buildings across Australia. With NatHERS set to provide ratings for existing buildings in the not-too-distant future, this is essential watching.

Find the recording, brought to you by Energy Efficiency Council NGO Partner Renew, here.


Day five: Further, faster, together - Australian-German collaboration on energy efficiency in buildings

After a brief refuel at home, we’re heading back overseas to Germany for day five of Efficiencymas. Just before Christmas, the Energy Efficiency Council, in partnership with Energy Efficiency Council NGO Partner, the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Adelphi, hosted a webinar on collaboration between Germany and Australia on energy efficiency in buildings.

The event featured some of the most enthusiastic members of the building energy efficiency space from Australia and Germany and featured a lively conversation on opportunities for collaboration. It was an excellent reminder of what’s working overseas and a great reminder that Australia has some innovative things happening, as well.

Find the recording here.


Day six: Navigating a dynamic energy landscape

On day six we’re catching up with businesses that are taking the lead in smart energy management right here in Australia.

In October, the Energy Efficiency Council launched the third edition of Navigating a dynamic energy landscape: a briefing for Australian businesses to support executives and directors with managing the risks and capturing the opportunities around energy and carbon in the midst of COVID-19.

The briefing was launched during a session at the Energy Efficiency Expo and featured businesses leading the way in energy management, including BlueScope and Lion. Cheers to that!

Find the recording here.

In addition to the updated briefing, two sector spotlights for manufacturers and office-based businesses were released in late 2020. Find the launch for the manufacturing sector spotlight here and for offices here. And download the sector spotlights here.


Day seven: Energy Efficiency Council 2020 seasons greetings and end of year wrap

Day seven of Efficiencymas just so happens to be the last day of the year – and this year has been a big one! So we thought we'd leave you with Luke, Rob and Holly's end of the year wrap if you haven't already caught it.

Watch the recording here.


Day eight: the IEA's World Energy Outlook 2020

On day eight of Efficiencymas, we’re taking a global view of all the exciting things happening in energy with the IEA World Energy Outlook (WEO) 2020. The pandemic has had an undeniable impact on the energy sector; accordingly, the focus for this year’s WEO is on the next decade and actions that can be taken in this timeframe to accelerate the clean energy transition.

Find the session recording here.


Day nine: CPP's Re-energise Australia: a clean Jobs Summit for local government

We’re going local for day nine of Efficiencymas, looking at local government action that's taking place right here in Australia. Our very own Holly spoke at the Cities Power Partnership (CPP) event back in August about how rolling out a council-wide energy efficiency strategy can help stimulate local economies.

CPP is Australia’s largest local government climate network, made up of 139 councils from across the country, representing almost 11 million Australians.

Find Holly's presentation here, and the other presentations from the Summit here.


Day ten: President-elect Biden and the global transition to clean energy from the Clean Energy Council


On day ten we’re looking to the US, which is very timely proof that the global energy landscape is changing. In November, Energy Efficiency Council NGO Partner, the Clean Energy Council hosted a panel of global and Australian energy policy experts to explore the impact that a Biden presidency will have on climate and energy policy in Australia and around the world.

Find the recording here.


Day eleven: A2EP's integrative design for radical energy efficiency with Amory Lovins

On day eleven we get a reminder from the US that energy efficiency is an essential component of the transition. Halfway through the year, Energy Efficiency Council NGO Partner, the Australia Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) hosted Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute for a webinar on integrative design for radical energy efficiency.

This video is perfect for all of you technical energy efficiency nerds out there, covering everything from efficient vehicle fuel cells, velocity coils, integrative building design and more.

Find the recording is here.


Day twelve: Swiss army knife of stimulus with Michael Liebriech

On the very last day of Efficiencymas – day twelve – we hear from Michael Liebreich, founder of BloombergNEF and Chairman and CEO of Liebreich Associates, for a necessary reminder that energy efficiency is an essential part of the economic recovery from COVID-19.

Mr Liebreich’s message was an inspiring one: he described energy efficiency as the ‘swiss army knife of stimulus’. Australian states and territories have taken the message to heart: check out our most recent Efficiency Insight newsletter for a wrap of the recent budget announcements for energy efficiency in Australia, including $60m in South Australia, $797m in Victoria, $50m in ACT and $30min Queensland. That’s a total of over $1 billion – an incredible way to end the year.

Find the recording of Mr Liebreich’s message from our National Summit: Energy Efficiency and Australia’s Economic Recovery held this past July here.


Thank you for joining us for this year’s edition of 12 Days of Efficiencymas. We hope you enjoyed the content from all over the world, and liked watching a few videos, rather than diving into a few long reads.

While it’s been a heartening year in many parts of the world in terms of action on energy efficiency and energy management, this is just the beginning. So rest up during your holiday break so we can all get back to work on this critical part of the energy transition in 2021!