EEC News

United fight against rising electricity costs

29 October 2012

With electricity prices rising by over 50 per cent in the past five years - and further rises expected largely due to increasing network costs and coal and gas prices - an unprecedented national alliance of business, community and consumer groups has formed to seek decisive reforms to fix a broken system and help ease the burden on households and businesses.... read more

Joint Statement: A Plan for Affordable Energy

24 October 2012

Electricity prices have risen by over 50 per cent in the past five years. Without decisive reforms, electricity bills will continue to rise, large due to network costs and coal and gas prices. The Australian Industry Group, Brotherhood of St Laurence, CHOICE and the Energy Efficiency Council are deeply concerned about rising electricity bills and the impact on business, consumers and vulnerable households we represent. We have joined forces because we share the same goal – making electricity affordable for Australians ... read more

Bridge the gap or lose jobs

20 April 2011

The Australian Government must bridge the gap they’ve created by delaying their Tax Break for Green Buildings or it will cost jobs in the energy efficiency sector.... read more