Efficiency is the smartest and cheapest way to meet NSW energy needs 03 November 2016

The NSW Government’s ambitious new energy policy gives energy efficiency the focus it deserves, the Energy Efficiency Council says.

Council CEO, Luke Menzel says the Government’s plan to spend millions to help households get smarter with their energy use is a welcome move.

“Increasing efficiency is the smartest, cheapest way to meet NSW’s energy needs, lower bills and cut emissions,” Luke Menzel said.

“Getting smarter with how we use energy could deliver half of Australia’s national target to cut emissions by 26-28 per cent by 2030 at the same time as cutting energy bills."

“This announcement puts NSW alongside California as a global leader in the energy efficiency field.”

Mr Menzel says the way energy is produced is changing and the countries that are adapting the best are using energy efficiency to keep electricity affordable and reliable.

“While some groups are squabbling about the right mix of renewables, the NSW Government is getting on with the job of keeping energy affordable no matter how it’s generated."

The Draft Plan to Save NSW Energy and Money sets out actions to:

  • Improve energy performance of rental properties
  • Support innovative energy efficiency services for small business
  • Help large energy users investigate energy savings
  • Assist local governments to improve their energy efficiency

“The Energy Efficiency Council calls on governments around the country to follow NSW’s lead and ensure the transition currently underway in our energy systems is well managed.”

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