Energy Efficiency Council launches new training for energy auditors 23 November 2015

The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) has announced a new training program that will give energy efficiency practitioners the knowledge they need to undertake energy audits that comply with the new suite of Australian Standards for energy auditing, AS/NZS 3598:2014.

Targeted at energy efficiency professionals and supported by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, the one day program will include presentations, workshops and group exercises to give participants the information they need to deliver energy audits that are compliant with the new standard.

New energy audit standard focused on putting actionable information in the hands of clients

Energy audits are undertaken to identify opportunities for cost effective investments that improve energy performance.

In late 2014 Standards Australia released a new suite of energy audit standards for Australia and New Zealand. The three new standards – which focus on commercial buildings, industrial sites and transport – are a significant improvement on the previous standard, AS/NZS 3598:2000. The new standards:

  • replace the previous audit 'levels' with three new audit types
  • improve consistency in the application of the Standard
  • focus the audit around providing the customer with actionable energy conservation measures

Standards Australia worked with the EEC, other industry associations, governments and independent experts to develop the new Standard over several years.

Luke Menzel, EEC CEO said “Good energy audits are the foundation of the business case for energy efficiency, which is why everyone involved worked so hard to ensure we got the new standard right.

He added: I'm pleased to say the hard work paid off. The new standards are more rigorous, outcomes-based and focus on providing audit customers with actionable energy conservation measures. Increasing uptake of the new standard will ensure audit customers have the information they need to make informed investment decisions, which means more energy efficiency projects getting across the line”

Audit training to be delivered by international expert

The new training program, which is focused on commercial and industrial audits, will be delivered by Dr Paul Bannister. Dr Bannister is Director, Projects & Advisory Services at Energy Action and one is of the world's leading authorities on energy efficiency. He played a central role in the development of the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating Scheme (now NABERS Energy), sat on the Standards Australia committee that developed the new standard and has completed hundreds of energy audits. Paul’s outstanding contribution to the sector was recognised when an independent judging panel awarded him the title of ‘Energy Efficiency Champion’ at the National Energy Efficiency Awards 2014.

Dr Bannister said For the benefits of the new standard to be realised, energy auditors need to have the capability to apply the standard in real-life situations. The training will include practical and technical information they need to do this, along with information on best practice energy audit reporting.”

New information materials for audit customers to be released soon

The training program will be complemented by a suite of resources for energy audit clients in the commercial and industrial sectors, designed to ensure they are aware of the standard and understand the benefits of undertaking a standard-compliant energy audit.

The development of the training program and client resources have been supported by NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

The EEC's Energy Audit Standard Training will run on 23 February 2016 (Sydney) and 25 February 2016 (Melbourne). For information, visit