Energy experts: NEG design enters critical phase as Ministers act on lighting 20 April 2018

News that the COAG Energy Council has directed the Energy Security Board to continue work on the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and align minimum standards for lighting with the European Union is positive news, says the Energy Efficiency Council.

Council CEO Luke Menzel noted that the next several months will be critical as the detailed design of the NEG is hammered out.

"A strong pro or anti-NEG position is premature at this point as there is still so much detail to be worked through. What is positive is seeing Australia’s energy ministers engaged in a constructive process focused on resolving questions that have plagued policymakers for well over a decade.”

“The new Energy Security Board is playing a very positive role, and we support their continued work on the detailed design.”

“However we note there is another program of work that desperately needs to be addressed – supercharging the National Energy Productivity Plan to bring down bills and drive down emissions at least cost across the rest of the economy.”

New lighting rules to deliver big win for consumers

Mr. Menzel also welcomed the COAG’s decision to phase out energy intensive halogen lights from the Australian market, and introduce new minimum performance standards for LED light bulbs that will be aligned with the world leading European market.

“Phasing out energy hogging equipment like halogen lights and replacing them with super-efficient technology like LEDs is one of the quickest ways of slashing energy bills.”

 “Putting minimum standards in place for LEDs will help ensure quality in the market as more and more Australians shift to the new technology.”

“Again, there is detail to work through on how this new standard will operate. However minimum standards already save the average Aussie family between $140 and $220 each year on their electricity bills.”

“Congratulations to Minister Frydenberg and his state colleagues for acting to expand the benefits of this sensible program to lighting.”


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