Federal Government moves to supercharge energy performance of commercial buildings 14 June 2024

The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) has welcomed the Australian Government’s proposal to massively expand the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program. 

Recognised as world leading, the program leverages the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) and requires office buildings over 1000 square metres to monitor and disclose their energy performance. 

CBD and NABERS have helped slash energy use in the commercial building sector – buildings that began disclosing their energy performance under CBD in 2012 have cut their energy use by an average of 42%.

If implemented as proposed, the government’s changes will make it mandatory for smaller offices, hotels, shopping centres, data centres and public hospitals to disclose their NABERS rating before 2030, and will expand disclosure to most major commercial building types by 2035.

Speaking ahead of today’s NABERS Conference in Sydney, Energy Efficiency Council CEO Luke Menzel said the changes were a game changer for decarbonising commercial buildings.

“When it comes to decarbonising commercial buildings, NABERS is one of the most powerful tools in the toolbox. It is even more powerful when paired with Commercial Building Disclosure.”

“Requiring commercial buildings to disclose their NABERS rating is the lightest of light touch regulations, but it is a game changer, because it gives investors, building owners, facility managers and tenants the information they need to compare themselves to their peers.

“And because NABERS measures operational performance, it is the trusted yardstick for demonstrating that energy efficiency investments are delivering for the customer.”

Mr. Menzel said multiple reviews had pointed to the success of CBD, and the case for expansion. 

“Given NABERS track record in slashing emissions, strong stakeholder support and the urgency of the decarbonisation challenge, expanding the Commecial Building Disclosure program to hotels, shopping centres, public hospitals and beyond is a complete no brainer. Good on the Government for getting on with it.”

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