Global experts call for Australia to ramp up ambition on energy efficiency 15 February 2018

The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) has welcomed a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) released in Canberra today that recommends the Turnbull Government ramp up its ambition on energy efficiency across all economic sectors, including buildings, industry and transport.

Council CEO Luke Menzel said the report confirms that Australia is behind the eight ball when it comes to energy efficiency.

“The global experts have run the ruler over Australia’s policy settings and found that our current effort on energy efficiency is not up to snuff.”

“Whether its buildings, industry or transport, the IEA has found there is much more we can do to slash energy costs and reduce carbon emissions through smart energy efficiency policies.”

The IEA recommends that the Turnbull Government:

  • Work with experts to drive big energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings
  • Reintroduce a program that supports big industrial energy users to improve their energy efficiency
  • Adopt ambitious fuel efficiency standards for the transport sector.

Mr. Menzel said the report confirms the view of local experts.

“In some ways, the IEA is pointing out the obvious: in global terms, Australia is missing the boat when it comes to energy efficiency policy. That’s despite the fact that it’s the cheapest and quickest way of slashing energy bills and reducing carbon emissions."

“We have a good framework in the National Energy Productivity Plan. It’s time for the Turnbull Government to put some meat on the bones of that plan, and drive the kind of step change in energy efficiency that will get us back in the game.”

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