Global experts in user-centred energy systems headed to Melbourne for Energy Efficiency Expo 13 September 2019


A message from David Shipworth, Chair of the User-Centred Energy Systems Technology Collaboration Programme

The energy sector is undergoing an unprecedented period of change. The environmental imperative to decarbonise is driving growth of intermittent distributed generation at the grid edge, placing energy in the heart of communities. This makes the role of people permitting, adopting and using new energy technologies in the way designers and policy makers intend a critical element of delivering the energy transition.

Simultaneously, digitalisation is changing wider social expectations of service, value and usability. These social and environmental forces are turning the energy system inside out, making the needs of the end user central to the redesigning of energy systems.

In response to these changes, the Demand Side Management Technology Collaboration Programme – an international collaborative research programme operating under the auspices of the International Energy Agency – is relaunching as the User-Centred Energy Systems Technology Collaboration Programme (‘Users TCP’).

We are honoured to do so at All-Energy and Energy Efficiency Expo. Australia’s long history of innovation in energy efficiency policy, and more recently in accommodating high penetration of consumer led renewables, makes it both a global leader and living laboratory for studying socio-technical issues in the energy transition.

The work of the Users TCP now focuses around four key socio-technical areas grouped on two axes. On the technology axis we are focused on Information provision and Interface design. These areas are focused on the role of data, software and hardware in enabling socio-technical energy systems change. On the social side we are focused on Behaviour change and Systems change covering the two primary domains of human influences on energy systems: the role of the individual, and that of the wider social system.

These areas are being addressed by new programmes of work under the Users TCP which will be integrated into three sessions of the Energy Efficiency Expo programme on Day 1:

The Users TCP is looking forward to engaging with the Australian energy community though All Energy and Energy Efficiency Australia. On a personal note, as a Melbournian myself, I am very much looking forward to meeting with many of you – both at the TCP partnered sessions – and throughout the event.


Professor David Shipworth
Chair, User-Centred Energy Systems Technology Collaboration Programme by the International Energy Agency
Professor of Energy and the Built Environment, Bartlett School Environment, Energy & Resources, University College London