Good news for ACT renters with launch of minimum rental standards 31 March 2023

The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) today congratulated the ACT Government on the launch of their new minimum standard for ceiling insulation in rental properties, making rental homes healthier, more comfortable, and cheaper to run.

Luke Menzel, EEC CEO said, “Insulating a home is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy usage. For Canberra homes, insulation can deliver over $8,000 in net benefits over the lifetime of the insulation.”

“With cost-of-living pressures front of mind for all Australians, this support for renters is particularly welcomed,” Mr Menzel said.

The EEC commends the leadership of the ACT Government and Minister Shane Rattenbury in working to deliver a package of initiatives to roll out ceiling insulation – a key energy efficiency technology – to as many households as possible in the ACT.

“It’s now time for other state and territory governments to get on board, and make sure renters have access to safe, healthy housing. The EEC wants to see these initiatives implemented right around the country, to bring the energy performance of our housing stock up to a minimum acceptable level for all Australians,” Mr Menzel said.

A growing number of studies show that energy efficient homes promote improved social, physical, and mental health outcomes. In Victoria, a recent study found modest energy efficiency upgrades to the homes of elderly study participants led to reduced health spending by almost $900 per person over the winter period.

Under the standards, insulation upgrades to rental properties will need to be carried out by an EEC Certified Insulation Installer. The EEC has partnered with the ACT Government to ensure that installers will have suitable training and experience before installing insulation.

“By using an EEC Certified Insulation Installer, renters and landlords can have confidence in the quality and safety of the insulation upgrade. We are pleased this is a requirement of the standard,” he said.

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