Media release: All-electric new homes all-good for Victorian families 28 July 2023

The Energy Efficiency Council today welcomes the Andrews Government’s decision to phase out gas connections for new homes from January 2024.

EEC CEO Luke Menzel said “all-electric homes are all-good for Victorian families. They are cheaper to run, healthier to live in, and help lower emissions.”

Analysis by consumer group Renew found that building an all-electric home could reduce household energy bills by 35 per cent, and that these savings can double when electrification is paired with rooftop solar and energy efficiency upgrades.

“With interest rates sky high, if used to help pay off your home loan, these bill savings from going all-electric could slash two years off an average 25-year mortgage in Melbourne.”

“Given the upfront costs of building an all electric home are comparable to building a home with a gas connection, that makes going all-electric a no brainer.”

While some people have bad memories of old style electric stoves, Mr. Menzel said more and more Victorians are falling in love with their modern induction cooktops.

“Induction cooktops are high quality, lightning fast and great to cook with. Getting gas out of our kitchens is the healthy option for families, with evidence linking gas cooktops to respiratory conditions like asthma.”

Mr. Menzel said that while there is likely to be some debate about this policy, it is the right call for Victorian families.

“Going all-electric means healthier homes, lower bills and a big step towards a net zero community.”


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