Media Release: Energy Efficiency Council announce its new Board of Directors, with 60 per cent female representation 30 November 2022

Following this week's half-Board election, the Energy Efficiency Council is pleased to announce Dr Mary Stewart, Claire Richards and Jane Butler have been elected to its Board of Directors.

Three Director positions were open for nomination at this year’s election, each for two-year terms.

At the EEC AGM on Tuesday, 29 November, EEC CEO, Luke Menzel, announced Council President Mary Stewart and Claire Richards had been re-elected to the Board, with Jane Butler securing the third position, and becoming the Council’s newest board member.

Jane is the Head of Product, Strategy and New Technology at AGL and has over 18 years’ experience across energy efficiency consulting, cogeneration, industrial utilities management, commercial solar and demand response. With a deep understanding of energy markets and the balance between energy market pricing, reliability and demand side participation, Jane brings a unique combination of skills to the EEC Board.

"As well as being delighted by the strength of knowledge and expertise that Jane brings to our boardroom table, I'm also very proud of the gender diversity of the group that members have elected to represent them on the Board," said EEC President, Mary Stewart.

Of the 10-member EEC Board of Directors, six are women.

Speaking following her election, Jane Butler said she was excited to work with the EEC to help achieve the policy change required to unlock the opportunities inherent in energy efficiency. 

"I firmly believe now is finally the time for traction for energy efficiency as we position it in the context of decarbonisation, and I look forward to using my skills in support of the EEC," she said.

Following the election, James Henshaw of Norman, Disney & Young departed the EEC Board. "I would like to take this opportunity to thank James for his service to the Council, and for NDY's longstanding commitment and contribution to the Board," said President Mary Stewart.

"I would also like to thank my colleagues for their hard work and their service to the Energy Efficiency Council and look forward to with them and Council staff for the next two years."

Following this announcement, the EEC’s Board Directors are as follows:


Jane Butler - AGL
Ryan Dillon - Websters Group
Scott Ferraro - Monash University Net Zero Initiative
Liz Fletcher - Energy Corporation of NSW
John Huggart - Huggart Advisory
Merrily Hunter - MAC Trade Services
Andrew McCluskey - Siemens
Caroline Ottmann - Schneider Electric
Claire Richards - Enel X
Mary Stewart (President) - Energetics

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