Media release: Energy Efficiency Council pushes forward on Equal by 30 with its first diversity, equity and inclusion strategy 08 March 2023

The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) has released its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) objectives, which include a series of targets to improve DEI both within the organisation and the energy management industry. The objectives are part of the EEC’s broader commitment to Equal by 30, a global campaign for equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for women in the energy sector.

The EEC was the first Australian organisation to join the federal government in committing to Equal by 30.

The EEC’s targets include:

  • 40-60 per cent non-male identifying individuals across the EEC board, leadership and staff, as well as all speakers at EEC events;
  • Concrete action in support of the international Equal by 30 campaign’s goals, grounded in the particular challenges and opportunities faced in the local market; and
  • Supporting DEI within the wider energy management sector by developing and delivering workforce development initiatives.

EEC President, Dr Mary Stewart said: “Over the past several years the EEC has made significant progress on diversity. Six out of 10 EEC Board members are women, and there are more women than men on the EEC team, which is unusual when compared to the wider energy management sector. However, the EEC cannot rest on its laurels. We now need to roll up our sleeves to support the achievement of Equal by 30 across our industry.”

“This strategy makes clear the EEC’s commitment to working with members and the broader sector to ensure the energy transition not only benefits everyone equitably, but also welcomes and fosters talented individuals, regardless of gender or background.”

EEC CEO Luke Menzel said: “It is crucial we step up as an industry and make our businesses places where women feel welcome and can thrive professionally. We will be leveraging today’s commitments to advance a community of practice, to help us set sector-wide targets with the endorsement of our members and support an ongoing work program that will allow us to hit our Equal by 30 goals.”

As part of this effort, the EEC is working on a major new workforce development initiative that will support DEI across the sector, with a particular emphasis on giving equal opportunity to women. This initiative will be launched at the Energising Women Breakfast at this year’s National Energy Efficiency Conference in Sydney on 24 May.

“The EEC’s commitment to Equal by 30 and development of the strategy are important milestones on the journey to improving diversity, equity and inclusion within our sector,” said EEC Head of Projects Holly Taylor. “But we also deeply care about ensuring we have enough boots on the ground to deliver the energy transition. By attracting more women and individuals from diverse backgrounds into the energy management sector, we just might be able to do it.”

Read the EEC’s four strategic objectives and 15 associated targets here.


The Energy Efficiency Council is a not-for-profit membership association for businesses, universities, governments and NGOs.

Founded in 2009, the Council’s members are diverse, but are united by a common cause: building a sophisticated market for energy management products and services that delivers:

  • Healthy, comfortable buildings;
  • Productive, competitive businesses; and
  • An affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system for Australia.

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