Media release: Feds deploy efficiency and electrification to tackle energy price crisis 14 December 2022

Today the Albanese Government committed to a new Business and Household Electrification package, which will help vulnerable Australians including renters, public housing tenants and small businesses slash their energy bills.

Energy Efficiency Council CEO Luke Menzel welcomed the announcement. “Too many households and businesses are being held hostage to high prices by inefficient buildings and equipment. This package recognises that energy efficiency and renewable energy, working together, are the quickest way to drive down the bills.”

An independent, global scorecard released in April 2022 found that when it comes to energy efficiency policy and performance, Australia is the worst in the developed world. 

“If we had performed that poorly in the World Cup we would have called a Royal Commission. Chronic underinvestment in energy performance of our homes and businesses has us much more vulnerable to the current global crisis than we ought to be. It is a national embarrassment, and something we need to change”, he said.

The quality of Australia’s building stock – especially older buildings, built before minimum energy efficiency standards were introduced in 2005 – is very poor. Investing in efficient heating and cooling systems and a building’s thermal performance is one of the quickest ways to drive down bills and improve health and comfort at the same time.

The Government has been consulting on a new National Energy Performance Strategy, slated for release in 2023.

“Bringing this package forward shows the Government has been listening to the advice of experts, and understands that energy efficiency is the cheapest and quickest way to both cut energy bills and reduce emissions. We’ll be working with the Government to ensure it delivers the biggest savings to those who need the most help - vulnerable and low income households, and businesses struggling with extreme prices.”

Mr Menzel noted this week’s extraordinary interventions through capping prices in energy markets would buy us some time to deal with these problems, but we need to get started right away.

“The International Energy Agency has told us we must double our efforts in energy efficiency to reach net zero by 2050. We can meet the challenge, and build an affordable energy future for all Australians - if we start today.”



Tim Fisher, Head of Engagement

0414 893 313