Media release: New detail released on roadmap for safe, high quality insulation delivery for Australian homes and businesses 25 October 2022

The Energy Efficiency Council in collaboration with the recently formed Affiliated Insulation Industry Coalition (AIIC) is pleased to provide further detail on the rollout of the Roadmap for quality control and safety in insulation installation.

The industry-led roadmap is focused on safety for both installers and consumers in addressing Australia’s eight million buildings with poor insulation.

In homes and workplaces, adequate levels of insulation results in lower heating and cooling bills, increased thermal comfort and improved health.

Insulation supports Australia’s net zero goals by reducing demand for emissions intensive energy, supporting grid reliability by enabling pre-heating and -cooling of buildings, and creates clear economic benefits.

The AIIC and the EEC’s work is focussed on three key workstreams:


1. Consumer and installer education
Supporting know-how by:

  • Collating user-friendly, easily accessible guidance materials to support insulation installation;
  • Producing new guidance materials to meet identified gaps; and
  • Investigating opportunities to better identify products verified to meet the thermal insulation standard AS/NZS 4859.1: 2018.

2. Skills and training
Supporting safely installed, compliant insulation through:

  • Upskilling Australian installers to higher standards than ever before through the new EEC Certified Insulation Installer certification;
  • Promoting employment opportunities and a career pathways for installers;
  • Skills mapping to identify and address gaps and/or barriers to the successful installation of compliant insulation and other building products; and
  • Preparing and distributing resources for the continuing professional development of trades and certified individuals to improve their knowledge of the benefits of well installed insulation and energy efficiency.

3. Intergovernmental collaboration
Supporting government and regulator collaboration with each other and industry by:

  • Establishing a regular forum for governments and regulators to collaborate, share information, discuss industry recommendations and identify opportunities for jurisdictional alignment; and
  • Creating a shared knowledge base and vision to increase the uptake of safely installed, compliant insulation in Australia.

View and download the Roadmap for quality control and safety in insulation installation here.

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