Modernising Queensland hospitals to save lives, jobs and energy 14 October 2020

Energy experts welcomed Annastacia Palaszczuk’s announcement of $30 million to upgrade the energy performance of Queensland’s hospitals.

“Modernising equipment in hospitals, especially their cooling systems, will create jobs, improve patient recovery and save millions of dollars on maintenance and energy,” said Luke Menzel, CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council. 

“Around the country, aging equipment in hospitals, schools and other government buildings are wasting huge amounts of energy. Modernising this equipment would save governments over $6 billion in energy and maintenance costs while creating jobs and slashing emissions by well over 30 per cent” said Luke Menzel.

“Upgrading public buildings creates jobs fast and is one of the smartest ways to stimulate the economy. The International Monetary Fund and International Energy Agency identified energy efficiency upgrades to buildings as the richest source of jobs in the energy sector,” said Luke Menzel.

“The Energy Efficiency Council calls on all parties in Queensland, and governments around the country, to stimulate the economy by investing to stop energy waste,” said Luke Menzel


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