New roadmap supports emissions reduction journey for Aussie industry 18 June 2020

The Energy Efficiency Council and Australian Industry Group have welcomed a new report that sets out a practical plan for rapidly transforming Australia’s energy and carbon management market.

The report, Pivot – Rebound – Transform, highlights the crucial role of a vibrant energy and emissions management sector that supports Australian industry to build a new energy advantage while lowering emissions. It was prepared by an independent group of energy and carbon experts convened by the Energy Efficiency Council.

Innes Willox, CEO of Australian Industry Group, said, “The report sets out a practical plan for ensuring industry has the support it needs to squeeze more value from energy and reduce emissions over time. Achieving global competitive advantage for Australian industry in a world heading for net zero emissions will be accelerated by a rich relationship with technology and service providers that can support better emissions and energy management. This plan shows how industry and government can work together to make this vision a reality.”

One of the report’s key recommendations is the creation of a new peak bodies forum, the Industry Council on Energy and Emissions (ICEE).This committed group, modelled on existing initiatives addressing the built environment, would represent all parts of industry, and engage deeply with governments to co-design policies and programs, supporting their effective implementation.

The Energy Efficiency Council’s CEO, Luke Menzel, said that ICEE would foster collaboration between industry and government and build momentum for emissions reduction efforts.

“The transition to a net zero economy is absolutely possible for Aussie industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s straightforward. It will require deep collaboration across industry, and between industry and government, over many years. A new Industry Council on Energy and Emissions will help ensure this collaboration takes place, and that Australian industry thrives as our energy system transforms.

Read the report here.