New South Wales gets on with the job of cutting energy bills 20 August 2018

The Energy Efficiency Council has welcomed action from the NSW Government to help households and businesses across the state slash their energy bills with smarter energy use.

The $72 million package will support energy efficiency upgrades for more than 20,000 rental homes, helping low-income renters bring down their energy costs. It will also enable 250 NSW manufacturers upgrade old, energy-hogging equipment so they can bring down electricity and gas bills and stay globally competitive.

EEC CEO Luke Menzel said there was a stark contrast between the leadership being shown at the state level, and the circular debates underway in Canberra.

“As another genuine effort to put in place an enduring national energy policy fails in Canberra, it once again falls to the states to lead with smart policy that actually brings down bills for consumers.”

“One of the best ways to quickly cut bills is by driving smarter energy use. This new effort from NSW is a well-targeted package that supports two groups doing it incredibly tough: renters that can’t make energy efficiency upgrades on their own, and manufacturers caught in a pincer movement between rising gas and electricity prices.”

Under the new package, landlords will be supported to upgrade rental properties with energy efficient lighting, heating, and hot water systems, helping tenants save up to $400 a year on their bills.

250 NSW manufacturers will receive direct support to upgrade energy intensive equipment such as boilers and chillers, delivering average bills savings of around $80,000. And another 1,300 manufacturers will be supported to connect with energy efficiency experts and skill up their staff so they can put best in class energy management practices in place.

The package also supports local councils to upgrade to more energy efficient streetlights, freeing up funds for community services.

Menzel said that the NSW Government’s package was a model that other governments should study closely.

“We need a sensible national policy to bring down emissions and put downward pressure on energy prices; I hope we can get that process back on track as soon as possible.”

“However, the quickest way to slash energy bills is with smart energy efficiency investments. It’s good to see NSW getting on with the job of cutting the bills of renters and manufacturers across the state.”

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