New South Wales supercharges rollout of smart energy technology 22 November 2019

The Energy Efficiency Council has welcomed the NSW Government’s new electricity strategy, which ramps up action on energy efficiency and supports the rollout of ‘smart’ devices and equipment that can take load off the system when demand is high.

The new NSW Electricity Strategy flags a major revamp of the state’s Energy Savings Scheme, which will be extended to 2050 and rebadged the Energy Security Safeguard.

Council CEO Luke Menzel said that with this announcement, Energy Minister Matt Kean has moved NSW into a leadership position on smart energy management.

“The new Energy Security Safeguard will do two crucial things.”

“Firstly, it will raise the ambition of NSW's energy efficiency target, which will drive energy and cost savings for NSW households and businesses.”

“Secondly, it will establish a companion effort on demand management, which will support the rollout of smart devices and equipment that can automatically take load of the system when demand is high.”

The NSW Electricity Strategy also includes a range of new measures to encourage investment in firmed, large-scale renewable generation.

Mr. Menzel backed the NSW Government’s balanced approach to encouraging investment in energy efficiency, renewables and smart energy management.

“Energy efficiency to bring down bills. Firmed renewables to replace aging generators. New, smart devices and equipment to balance the system.”

“Together, these elements add up to a credible plan to deliver an affordable, reliable and sustainable twenty-first century energy system, and it is a template that should be emulated around the country.”