Proposed new energy efficiency rules a 'game changer' for Victorian renters 04 June 2024

The Energy Efficiency Council has welcomed proposed new rules that will ensure all Victorian renters have a safe, comfortable home that is affordable to run. 

If implemented, they would introduce minimum standards for basic technologies like ceiling insulation, draught proofing and efficient electric hot water heaters. 

The EEC's CEO, Luke Menzel, said these changes are a game changer for millions of renters around the state. 

"With more and more Victorians renting, it is more important than ever that those rentals pass the pub test in terms of health, comfort and affordability." 

"Too many Victorians are living in rentals that are freezing in winter and overheat in summer. People are coming down with hypothermia and heatstroke in their own homes. It's just not right, and good on the government for doing something about it." 

"And thats before you even get to the affordability issues. When you're living in a rental the leaks like sieve, keeping it comfortable inside costs a motza. In a cost of living crisis that is just not good enough." 

Mr. Menzel said that most landlords want to do the right thing. 

"Most landlords want to take care of their tenants, and these proposed new regulations give some clear guidance on what the minimum requirements are." 

"The good news is that in most cases the necessary changes necessary are not hugely expensive but will make a massive difference to comfort and health of renters – not to mention their hip pockets." 



Media enquiries:
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EEC Head of Engagement
0414 893 313