Queensland steps onto the field for smart energy 'state of origin' 11 July 2017

The Queensland Government’s ambitious new Climate Transition Strategy gives energy efficiency the focus it deserves, the Energy Efficiency Council says.

Council CEO Luke Menzel welcomed the government’s plan to help households and businesses get smarter with their energy use.

“Ramping up energy efficiency is the quickest way to lower energy bills for Queenslanders,” Luke Menzel said.

“Over recent years the NSW Government has been leading the pack when it comes to smart energy use. A lot of effort has gone into helping NSW families and businesses improve their energy efficiency, which has helped them deal with skyrocketing energy prices."

"The Palaszczuk Government's announcement shows they are looking to challenge NSW leadership on energy efficiency, setting up a smart energy 'state of origin' between NSW and Queensland."

The new Climate Transition Strategy sets out plans to:

  • Develop and implement a dedicated energy efficiency strategy for Queensland
  • Support small to medium enterprises to improve their energy efficiency
  • Explore establishing an energy efficiency certificate scheme, similar to those that exist in NSW, Victoria and South Australia
  • Lead by example by reducing carbon emissions from government facilities.

Just two weeks ago the Energy Efficiency Council released its 'top ten' priority actions for state and federal governments to slash the energy bills of households and businesses and help solve Australia's energy crisis. The new Queensland plan picks up on many of the Council's recommended actions.

“The Queensland Government's announcement shows they want to unlock the power of energy efficiency to lower carbon emissions and reduce energy costs for Queenslanders. We're looking forward to working with the Government to make their plan a reality."

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