Smart energy use slashing bills for Victorians 01 August 2017

The Andrews Government’s Victorian Energy Upgrades program is helping businesses and households fight back against rising energy costs, the Energy Efficiency Council says.

Council CEO Luke Menzel said the program – formerly known as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target – is already having a big impact on energy bills.

“Let’s face it, energy efficiency is pretty boring – definitely not as fun as a new solar panel or battery system. But while energy efficiency isn’t sexy, it’s the cheapest and quickest way of slashing energy costs.”

“The success of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program is proof: it will help Victorians save more than $400 million on their energy bills this year alone.”

Mr. Menzel said changes announced by Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio this morning will make the program even more effective.

“Today Minister D’Ambrosio introduced a way for businesses to get support for more complex, tailored projects, which will help Victorian manufacturers that are being hit hard by electricity and gas price rises.”

“As the cost of each unit of energy goes up, getting smarter about the way we use that energy becomes more important than ever.”

“It’s a way of taking back some control of your energy bill, and the Victorian Energy Upgrades program can help. It should be on the radar of anyone that is worried about their energy bill – so basically everyone,” concluded Menzel.

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