Vehicle efficiency controversy a lot of hot air 14 July 2017

Claims that new vehicle efficiency standards amount to a 'carbon tax on cars' are alarmist and work against the interests of Aussie families, the Energy Efficiency Council says.

Council CEO Luke Menzel welcomed the Federal Government’s consultation on new vehicle standards, which could save families around $500 a year on fuel costs.

“Australia is way behind the eight ball on vehicle efficiency," Luke Menzel said.

"Places like Europe and the US have already acted to require car manufacturers to sell family cars that meet a minimum level of efficiency."

"If Minister Frydenberg puts these new standards in place, he'll be ensuring Aussie families save money at the petrol pump, year in, year out."

Mr. Menzel said minimum standards are an important consumer protection which ensure that industry does the right thing.

“Let's face it – your car dealer doesn't really care how many kilometres you are getting out of a tank of petrol after you drive off the lot."

"Governments need to put these rules in place so that when you buy a car, you know you are getting a basic level of fuel efficiency."

"That means you'll be able to drive further on every tank, for as long as you own the car."

"It’s time to get these new standards on the road."


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