Victoria gets energy smart to save households money 31 January 2017

Energy experts have welcomed the Victorian Government’s new $6 million Making Home Energy More Affordable program.

“We applaud the Andrews Government new program to cut energy bills for 800 low-income families,” said Luke Menzel, CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council.

“Many households are struggling with rising energy bills. In the past governments have focused on short-term handouts. The Andrews Government is being much smarter, helping homes cut their energy use and bills for the long-term.”

The Andrews Government will help 800 families save around $500 a year on their energy bills, through appliance upgrades and basic home renovations.

''This program could also have a positive effect on the health of vulnerable Victorians. Over 3,000 Australians a year die during periods of hot and cold weather. Upgrading these homes will make them safer and more comfortable during periods when temperatures are very high or very low,” said Luke Menzel.

“The design of these kind of programs really matter, and we look forward to working with the Government to get the details right,” said Luke Menzel.

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