Victorian businesses fighting back against rising energy costs 27 July 2017

News that the Victorian Government is ramping up support for businesses to improve their energy efficiency in the face of skyrocketing energy prices should be applauded, the Energy Efficiency Council says.

Council CEO Luke Menzel welcomed the Government’s announcement of an additional $2.5 million of funding for Victorian businesses for projects that support smart energy use.

"For many years Australians have been the beneficiaries of very low electricity prices. However, the low cost of supply meant that not much attention was paid to how productively that energy was being used."

"That was fine, even three or four years ago. But now manufacturers and other large energy users are caught in a diabolical pincer movement between rising electricity and gas prices. And in some cases, these cost pressures are threatening the viability of businesses."

"The good news is that manufacturers can quickly slash their energy bills with ambitious energy upgrades that bring their operations in line with our global competitors."

Announced by Victorian Energy Minister Lily D'Ambrosio at an Ai Group function this morning, the new program will make grants of up to $50,000 available to improve gas efficiency.

Mr. Menzel said energy users feel they have been failed by energy markets over the last ten years.

"When I talk to businesses, many of them feel they are picking up the tab for other people's mistakes."

"Energy efficiency and productivity is a way for them to take back some control."

"To put it bluntly –  getting more out of every unit of energy behind the meter is a way of reducing exposure to the craziness playing out on the other side," concluded Menzel.

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