Efficiency Insight - August 2021

Efficiency Insight is the Energy Efficiency Council's monthly energy management update for members, partners and stakeholders.



We often focus on energy management opportunities in homes, commercial buildings and industry. However, energy management in agriculture has gathered a lot of momentum over the last few years.

We're seeing leading farms – especially those in energy intensive subsectors like dairy and horticulture – embracing new technologies that help them cut costs, improve productivity and drive down emissions.

It's a burgeoning market and farmers are looking for quality information to support their investment decisions. Thats is why I'm thrilled that in a couple of weeks we'll be launching a new guide for farms in partnership with the National Farmers' Federation. This ‘sector spotlight’ will be the latest business briefing in our Navigating a dynamic energy landscape series.

In this online forum I'll be talking with some of those leading farmers about what has worked on their properties, and how other farms can get on the front foot.

Really looking forward to the chat – see below for details if you'd like to join us.


Stay safe,

Luke Menzel
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Efficiency Council

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In this newsletter:

Policy update from Rob Murray-Leach

Energy Efficiency Council Head of Policy, Rob Murray-Leach, covers all the policy developments from the last month, including breaking news about ARENA's change of remit, Victorian energy efficiency programs, energy efficiency schemes and much more.

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Driving member value and systemic change through strategic research for government

The Council’s projects division works on a diverse range of strategic research, business engagement and industry development projects with government and industry.

In FY21 the Council undertook several research projects that highlighted the role of energy efficiency, energy management and demand response in support Australia’s energy transition and supported the Council with realising its goal of building a sophisticated market for energy management products and services.

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Expert view: Flexing demand helps businesses get closer to 100 per cent renewables

EEC Corporate member Flow Power commissioned the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures to study how businesses are seeking to use demand flexibility to get more out of their renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

The result was a report titled More for Less: how businesses can flex their energy to get more from a Renewable PPA, which investigated three case studies that show how businesses can progressively unlock greater cost savings, and reduce risk and emissions as they become more “energy literate”.

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Efficiency Leader - Dr. Wendy Miller

In this month’s Efficiency Leader, we are profiling Dr. Wendy Miller, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Built Environment at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

One of Australia’s leading researchers on the intersection between the built environment and our rapidly transforming energy system, Wendy initiates and conducts industry and government funded socio-technical research in energy efficiency and renewable energy. She is an Australian representative on the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) Annex 80 focusing on resilient cooling.

Wendy is passionate about the use of multidisciplinary research teams that embrace systems thinking and integration, including technology, people, and policy.

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Farmers share big wins in smart energy management

On Thursday 19 August, the Energy Efficiency Council and the National Farmers’ Federation will launch the latest ‘sector spotlight’ for the Navigating a dynamic energy landscape series, which outlines the big energy management opportunities being leveraged by leading Aussie farms.

We'll be joined by farmers who are leading their sector, successfully managing the risks and capturing the opportunities of Australia's energy transition.

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From First Fuel: Technology and possibility with Heidi Lee

Last month Energy Efficiency Council CEO Luke Menzel was joined by Heidi Lee, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions for episode 47 of First Fuel.

Luke and Heidi discuss BZE’s history, the huge energy efficiency jobs opportunity highlighted by The Million Jobs Plan, and their latest research on Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts.

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