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Demand-side supports the grid during bushfire emergency

14 February 2020

In Australia’s current climate of extreme weather and bushfires, businesses participating in demand response are playing an important role in maintaining system security and stability for all energy users. Demand response can also provide a quicker and cheaper alternative to new generation. ... read more

The trouble with talking tech

25 March 2019

Mark Jewell is an energy efficiency subject matter expert, coach, speaker and best-selling author. His experience includes over 30 years in commercial real estate and 20 years in energy efficiency. His book Selling Energy: Inspiring Ideas That Get More Projects Approved! is a Wall Street Journal best-seller. This is article has been adapted from his book.... read more

Climate mitigation is possible and the total benefits are gigantic

16 November 2018

Professor Peter Hennicke, one of the key architects of the German energy transformation and keynote speaker at the 2018 National Energy Efficiency Conference, discusses the reasons for Germany's shift to "efficiency first" and argues that the benefits of climate mitigation far outweigh the costs.... read more