Greensync a semi-finalist in Australian Technologies Competition 24 June 2015

EEC member GreenSync has been announced as a semi finalist in the Australian Technologies Competition (ATC), with winners to be announced later this year.

GreenSync is the leading high growth technology company specialising in demand management solutions for the Australian and South East Asian electricity markets. GreenSync has built a suite of complementary products that share the fundamental aim of better balancing electricity use across the grid to reduce network, customer and generation peaks.

Dr Phil Blythe, GreenSync Founder and MD highlights GreenSyncs advantage to energy users, who can now “Optimise their energy use by utilising all resources in their energy portfolios, whether they be storage, generation, renewable or curtailable loads. With Cloud based automation, GreenSync is fundamentally changing the way new technologies interface with the grid”.

GreenSync’s PeakResponse™ and MicroEM™ products are built on a robust, industrial strength technology platform for connecting equipment to the Cloud. It combines the benefits of energy optimisation and demand management, providing flexibility for sophisticated real-time monitoring and remote access inherent with Cloud connectivity. Deployments are enabled via our PeakResponse™ Units that are installed and integrated at each customer site.

Our PeakResponse™ product features market-leading technology that allows customers to actively participate as conscious energy consumers in the NEM: reducing costs for all electricity consumers. The system is powered by our innovative software, Cloud automation and PEAQ analytics.

GreenSync’s technology provides customers with automated coordination and control of distributed resources – driving improved business cases for complementary technologies.

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