4th edition of Navigating a dynamic energy landscape: A briefing for Australian businesses launched 18 November 2021

Last week the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) was delighted to launch the 4th edition of Navigating a dynamic energy landscape: a briefing for Australian businesses.

In some ways, the landscape hasn't changed much since the first edition of the briefing, but in other ways, it has changed dramatically, particularly with net zero now driving the agenda. 

Our launch event accompanying the briefing showcased what trends are currently playing out in the Australian energy markets, what businesses can do to confidently navigate this dynamic landscape and how they can take control of their energy position.

Speakers Wei Sue from ClimateWorks Australia, Sally Townsend from Blackmores Group and EEC’s very own Holly Taylor provided real insights into real ways businesses can do on the pathway to net zero.

Wei kicked off the conversation with showcasing ClimateWorks Australia's Best practice for Australian company net zero commitments. She said that "businesses that are serious about meeting their energy & climate commitments should be deploying capital to technologies that are commercially available now".

Holly continued with how the energy landscape has shifted from last year to this year, and how that is highlighted in the briefing. She concluded that "businesses can hit off some quick wins to get started, then focus on continuous improvement afterwards" if they want to start energy management.

Sally brought with her an insightful look on how Blackmores Group has become an ambitious business on the sustainability front, on the back of their commitment to net zero in their operations by 2030. She reiterated what Wei said that "building the business case & achieving targets in its early days demonstrated the value of investing in energy efficiency" for Blackmores Group.

Below is a recording of the launch event as part of the Energy Efficiency expo.


If you want to read the briefing, click here.

This article was originally published in the November edition of Efficiency Insight.