Stepping up our game to deliver market transformation for the benefit of all 11 March 2021

By Holly Taylor, Senior Manager, Industry Development, Energy Efficiency Council

The Energy Efficiency Council exists to grow the market for energy management products and services, and while we have traditionally done this through tried and tested advocacy, in recent years we’ve ramped up our independent research and business engagement to support this effort.

Independent research

Timely and impactful research impacts public policy, and in 2020 this rang true with research led by the Energy Efficiency Council’s Head of Policy, Rob Murray-Leach, into the impacts of COVID-19 on the energy management sector influencing budget decisions and helping build the case for an efficient recovery, with benefits reaching far beyond our own sector.

Last year we also started three other key research projects:

While the research underpinning the insulation roadmap has wrapped up, the industry-led insulation roadmap is being presented to state and federal governments later this month, with industry outlining the actions that they’ll be taking to improve the uptake of insulation in Australian buildings, encouraging governments to support these industry-led efforts, enabling us all to live and work in healthy, comfortable buildings.

The office tenancies research is being finalised in the next month or two and will be released before the end of the financial year. Preliminary data was used to support the advice found in our latest sector spotlight: Navigating a dynamic energy landscape: a briefing for office-based businesses.

In addition to the insulation roadmap and the office tenancies research, we’ve also been working with the German Government on highlighting best practice in Australian and German buildings. Our Further, faster, together: Australian-German collaboration on energy efficiency in buildings webinar was held in December, and the follow up research will be out in the work in the coming months.

Collaborative research through the RACE for 2030 CRC

We provided an update last month on our work on flexible demand and the future energy workforce – find it here

Currently the RACE for 2030 researchers are seeking input from businesses to direct recommended focus areas for R&D, support and action.

Sector development

After developing the EnMS advisor training in 2020, we’re now working with governments around the country on ways to grow skills and capabilities in the energy management sector, so that, together, we’re best able to deliver the energy transition. Energy management systems aren’t the only thing on the agenda: auditing for complex systems and equipment, demand flexibility and more are all being reviewed and we’ll have more for you soon.

In addition to this, we’re continuing to support the International Energy Agency’s Energy in Buildings and Communities Technology Collaboration Program and you can find more details on that here.

Lastly, last year, in collaboration with Ai Group, we released Pivot – Rebound – Transform: A practical plan for rapidly transforming the energy management market that supports Australian industry. We’re having constructive conversations with Government about how to progress its recommendations, and it’s fair to say that you can expect some big announcements by the end of the year.

Business engagement –

We’re continuing our business engagement with our flagship Navigating a dynamic energy landscape resources. Over the coming months we’ll be engaging directly with businesses through some of Australia’s leading industry associations. We’ll be talking smart energy management for manufacturers, office-tenancies, and before the financial year is out, agribusinesses.

As always, if you want to learn more, head to

What’s next?

So what’s next? Our project work has grown significantly in the past year and we have a strong pipeline of work to get done across research, sector development and business engagement. Given this, Ulrika Lindholm has joined the team as the new Senior Manager, Projects, and I am returning to my roots, focusing on partnerships to support our members with getting done what needs to get done, and working with governments and other partners to ensure that our projects are delivering real value to all.

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This article was originally published in the March edition of Efficiency Insight.