PD Snapshot - June 2022

Dear reader,

The middle of the year is fast approaching: with the federal election done, we're getting on with upskilling the energy management industry as we look to the jobs and skills requirements - and opportunities - of this critical decade in our transition to net zero.

Pathway forward for M&V professionals

One of the issues we've been working through is navigating the end of the partnership that saw the EEC deliver the Fundamentals of M&V course as part of obtaining the CMVP certification. We are close to the end of this process, which has included consultation with EVO, AEE, local certified professionals and government departments. We are expecting to announce a pathway forward very soon, and have opened registrations for an M&V certification course in late August for all those keen to secure their place - more details pending.

EEC launches new training and certification framework

In very exciting news, later this month we will launch our Professional Certifications Framework, which will include the opportunity to become a Certified Energy Management Systems (EnMS) Advisor.

New professional certification – EnMS advisor

If you are keen to support businesses with realising continuous improvement in their energy performance, becoming a Certified EnMS Advisor will put you in the best stead to do both by understanding how energy management systems can support businesses with reducing energy costs and emissions, and to effectively engage and influence business decision makers to invest in smart energy management. Taking part in the next EnMS Advisor training course is the first step to becoming certified, and by joining us in August, you'll be in our second cohort for certification, providing you the knowledge and credibility needed to support businesses with achieving their energy management and net zero goals.

Train up your team on energy measurement and metering

Given the growing energy and cost of living crises, the time is right to look to the practicalities of Energy measurement and meteringwhich is integral to supporting businesses with managing the risks posed by sky-high energy prices, and capturing the opportunities offered by smart energy management. This masterclass will enable you to effectively support businesses to deploy meters and sub-meters for gas and electricity, and enable a data driven approach to energy performance upgrades.

Support businesses to weather the 'perfect storm' in Australia's gas market

Later in the year we'll also be launching a revamped Fundamentals of gas efficiency and fuel switching, which will enable you to support commercial and industrial clients through gas optimisation and fuel switching projects. For professionals entering the industry we recommend pairing this course with energy measurement and metering as measurement and metering is key to building the case – and monitoring the success – of gas efficiency and electrification projects.

Support your team's ongoing professional development

Of course these masterclasses are expected to qualify for CPD credits for CMVP and CEM - bank some credits ahead of renewals falling due!

And, as always, if your organisation isn't already an EEC member, please consider joining. Come for the significant training discounts, stay to be part of the organisation driving the transformation of how we use energy on the pathway to net zero!

Kind regards,

Katie Bartrop

Head of Operations
Energy Efficiency Council

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