Policy & Projects

Policy & Projects

The Energy Efficiency Council have launched the first edition of the Australian Energy Efficiency Policy Handbook. The Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the policies that are essential to drive ambitious energy efficiency improvements in Australia.

The Australian Energy Efficiency Policy Handbook has been developed in close consultation with experts from across Australia's energy sector. It provides state and federal governments with a detailed plan and evidence based recommendations for driving a step change in energy efficiency across all sectors of the Australian economy.

We need serious reforms to unlock the full benefits of energy efficiency, and that requires a bipartisan consensus and community support. The Handbook aims to start a genuine debate on the actions necessary to meet our national target of improving energy productivity by 40% by 2030.

This long term conversation is important, but we need to get started straight away if we are going to have any hope of meeting this target. That's why the Energy Efficiency Council have also released Save Energy, Cut Bills, Improve Reliability – 2017-18 Policy Priorities for an Energy Efficient Australia. This document sets out our case for immediate action and a set of priority policies which should be the focus of governments around Australia over the coming year.

We will be consulting on the Handbook in 2019, with a view to developing a second edition that takes into account the feedback we receive and any new data that becomes available. In this way, we hope to build a consensus on what constitutes sensible, stable and economically prudent energy efficiency policy in Australia.

You can sign up here to be notified when we start consultation on the next edition in 2019. We hope you’ll read the Handbook, reflect upon the proposals it contains, and be part of the conversation about how we create a more energy efficient Australia.

Click here to download the Australian Energy Efficiency Policy Handbook

Click here to download the Save Energy, Cut Bills, Improve Reliability