Building the coalition for energy management 19 February 2020

At the Energy Efficiency Council's tenth anniversary celebration in June last year, I reflected on the state of play.

We were on the edge of the 2020s, the 'critical decade' in which we have the opportunity to secure our economic prosperity and begin dealing with the climate challenge by moving decisively towards a twenty-first century energy system.

We are no longer on the cusp of the critical decade; we are in thick of it. And the ferocious summer that has ripped through so much of our landscape has thrown the task before us into stark relief.

No one industry or profession has all the answers. But if you are reading this you probably have an interest in energy efficiency, energy management and demand response. So you know that the demand side has a crucial role to play, here in Australia and around the world, in taking unnecessary load off the system, in effectively managing the shift to renewables, and in lowering the costs of the transition to net zero emissions.

At the Energy Efficiency Council we have started 2020 with a strong sense of purpose, to ensure that those answers that we do have are elevated, and acted on.

Our industry, university and government members play an absolutely crucial role in supporting the Council's work. But we know that to succeed, we also need to expand and activate our network. Which is why I'm so proud to introduce you to the Energy Efficiency Council's first nine official NGO Partners.

We have collaborated with most of these organisations for years. We've now formalised these relationships, providing a solid foundation for ramping up joint efforts aimed at putting smart energy management at the heart of Australia's energy transition.

It's going to be a big year. We look forward to working with you to ensure it is also a pivotal one.

Read more about our new NGO Partner program here.

Luke Menzel is CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council, Australia's industry association for energy management, energy efficiency and demand response. This article originally appeared as a post on Luke's LinkedIn account.