Experts welcome Victorian Government's Energy Efficiency Statement 26 June 2015

Today the Energy Efficiency Council welcomed the release of the Victorian Energy Efficiency and Productivity Statement, and the Andrews Government's commitment to help households and businesses save money on their energy bills by improving the energy efficiency of Victorian homes, offices and manufacturers.

Luke Menzel, CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council, said: ’The Energy Efficiency Council commends the Andrews Government for its strong commitment to embed energy efficiency at the heart of the Victorian economy. Driving real energy efficiency improvements will create new jobs, boost productivity and make Victorian businesses more globally competitive.'

In its Statement, the Andrews Government committed to:

  • Lead by example, by improving the energy efficiency of the Government's own assets and operations
  • Improve the efficiency and quality of Victorian buildings with a new residential efficiency scorecard and innovative financing for commercial building upgrades
  • Strengthen the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, including an expansion to include new types of energy efficiency activities
  • Build the energy efficiency capability of Victorian businesses
  • Use existing support services to help low income households save money by improving their energy efficiency

Luke Menzel added ‘With this statement Minister D’Ambrosio has set out a roadmap for the development of a comprehensive energy efficiency plan that will reduce energy bills for Victorian households and businesses. We applaud her leadership in making energy efficiency a central pillar of Victoria’s broader energy policy.'

Andrews Government commits to making Victoria an energy efficiency industry hub

Importantly, the Victorian Government has flagged it will make Victoria an energy efficiency industry hub.

Luke Menzel said ‘The commitment to make Victoria an energy efficiency industry hub is especially welcome. The Andrews Government understands that stable, long term policy on energy efficiency is essential to unlock this economic opportunity for Victoria. The Energy Efficiency Council is looking forward to working with the Government to make this vision a reality.'

Bipartisan consensus emerging on energy efficiency

There is a clear, bipartisan consensus emerging around energy efficiency in Australia. 

'With the Baird Government also taking strong action on energy efficiency in NSW, there is a clear bipartisan consensus emerging that energy efficiency is the classic 'no brainer' – it makes our homes and offices more comfortable, it saves us money and it helps the environment. Sensible, stable policy around energy efficiency in Victoria and NSW is a fantastic start; industry will be looking for the Federal Government and other states to follow suit.' added Mr Menzel.


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